Okay confession time: Last Valentine’s Day I forgot to send cards to Kendall, my middle child’s, school. I got this email mid-morning from her teacher, “I just wanted to make sure that you didn’t pack Valentine’s for Kendall today; she’s upset but I think we’ve got it covered for her.” Yeah, I was that mom. Actually, I’m typically that mom. The one who forgets the birthday treats for the class (guilty this year for my dear son’s birthday). The parent who is typically the last one to realize that when my kid is telling me that they need to bring an empty box of tissue to school because they are going to make a bed for leprechauns, they’re actually serious. This year I’m kind of last minuting it again but don’t worry I have a plan and I’ve got you covered too! The beauty of this DIY is that you should have the supplies already in your home (except for the Fun Dip, unless you’re the cool parent who has the fun snacks always on hand).


  • Fruit snacks and Fun Dip (Mine are from Aldi)
  • Paper and a printer (to print the cards)
  • Ribbon
  • Hole punch

First things first, and since my kiddos are older, they cut out the Valentine’s card from the printable.

Next we write who the Valentine is for and sign our names. Since Kendall is still learning how to write I’ll write her classmates names and she can sign her name. When Brennan was her age I made him do all of his classmates’ names and it took us a week and many tears to get his cards done. This year I’m not as hardcore.

Lastly, eyeball some of your ribbon, enough to wrap around the fruit snack or Fun Dip, thread the ribbon through the hole in your card and then tie the card to the fruit snack or Fun Dip.

Voilà! You are ready to go for any classroom party with minimal trips to the store to grab those generic boxed Valentine’s Day cards. Just call this a last minute mom hack from a last minute mom!

Don’t sweat the small stuff, Mama! I’ve been there and I’m pretty sure that 99% of the parents in your child’s class has been there too. Simply check out the images below to download the printable or pin this image and save for later!