Growing up as a kid in New York City can be an exciting adventure. New York City has five boroughs which are: Queens, Manhattan, Bronx, Brooklyn, and Staten Island. In all of these boroughs, there is something for kids to do. A great place to take a kid on a weekday or a weekend is the Public Library. Kids love books and the libraries in New York City offer many topics of interest for kids of all ages. Many New York City libraries allow kids to rent DVD’s and CD’s during the week. Libraries are safe for your children since libraries like to focus the attention of children’s books in children books areas. You can spend an entire day at the library with your child and it doesn’t have to cost you a dime. All that you need is a library card, which you can get for free if you are a resident of New York City.

Another great idea is to take your child to see a nearby animal shelter. New York City has many animal shelters for abused, run away and abandoned animals. If you have a child that constantly wants to have a pet, this is a great place to bring your child to on the weekend. You won’t have to take any of the animal’s homes and the animal shelters allow you to walk or pet the animals in the shelter for their own well being. Animal shelters love to have guests that are willing to invest some time with the animals. Many of the animals in the shelters need to be walked, petted and mostly loved. If you are an animal lover and your kids are to, you must look one of these shelters up. Some of the most common animal shelters in NYC are: The North Shore Animal League, ASPCA or the Humane Society. There are many shelters that open at 8:00 A.M. and remain open until around 4:30 P.M.

If you are in Queens, NY and are looking to take your kids for a horse back ride, you can do so at Forest Park, Queens NY. This is a great park to take your child for the day and it offers a: merry go round, park, baseball field and band shelter. Families go to Forest Park daily and it’s always a fun idea to take a child there on a weekday or a Saturday and best of all, it’s free.

Kids also love boats. The Staten Island Ferry is a great place to take your child if you want to have a quick boat ride back and forth from Manhattan to Staten Island. It’s only around 50 cents each way and your child can see the outside of the Statue of Liberty as well as get a tour of the city between Manhattan and Staten Island. Many tourists and Manhattan locals take the ferry on a weekly basis because of its cheap price and amazing views. You will be amazed at how much your child loves the boat ride. It’s a lot of fun for adults to. If you not a fan of huge crowds, you could always play some fun sports betting games at the comfort of your home via

If you have a child that loves to play video games, then you may want to take them to Chuckee Cheese. Chuckee Cheese is the home of many kids’ birthday parties and entertainment places for kids. Parents take their children to Chuckee Cheese for various reasons. One of the most important reasons is because your child can run around safely. They have fun toys to play with and places to jump around in. It’s a great place to take a kid while you are visiting or living in New York City.