Invest in his hobbies.

I love this idea and it came from Laura over at Super Undies, who suggested that you invest a little in your man’s hobbies. For example, do you have a Mr. Fix It like I do? Why not buy him a new tool to add to his tool belt? Is your fella a big gamer? Pay attention and buy him some gaming toy that he’s been wanting forever but can’t justify spending money on. Whatever it is that your man is into, buying him something to help him excel in his hobby will show him that you support his passion and want him to continue doing it.

Subscription Boxes

There’s something so fun about a subscription box; it’s the gift that keeps on giving. Recently I came in contact with a monthly subscription box from Harrison Blake Apparel. Each month the recipient receives one necktie plus four accessories for $25! This month the February box brought my husband a necktie, whiskey stones, knit beanie and pocket square. You can cancel anytime and they even have different subscription boxes. If you watch the video below you’ll see my co-host Mat York talk about his love of bow ties, well, they have a monthly bow tie box!! “Get out of town!” is what I think I can hear Mat saying right now. The first month you can receive $15 off for first-time subscribers, meaning you’d get the February box for $10! Use the code SEASON to claim it.

Chocolate + Bacon

Mat divulged to us during the live show how much he loves chocolate and then another viewer said she had heard of bacon roses, well, would you believe that I found a place online that makes bacon rose bouquets? It’s aptly named Bacon Bouquets. They even have the ability to send you chocolate so you can dip the bacon into the chocolate.


Why not surprise him and buy some lingerie? I heard a speaker once say that making love is the way a man expresses his feelings so speak love into him by showing some initiation. Okay, next topic…my father may read this!

Fancy Unique Watch

Recently, I wrote a review for the coolest and most unique watch out there on the market: JORD Wood Watches. Let me tell you, this watch is a piece of art. My husband loves it too. He even said that it doesn’t tug on his arm hair. You can read the full review here.

So what do you think? It is so challenging to think of a gift for a guy, especially when you’re kind of girly like I am! Hopefully, my little gift guide will give you a few ideas! Tell me what you think in the comments below and if you haven’t had a chance to watch my Valentine’s special that I hosted with Mat York on my Facebook page you can watch the replay below!