Being a parent doesn’t have to be mind numbingly boring, especially in New York City. In fact, there are many great activities for parents and kids in New York that offer a chance to stay healthy both physically and mentally.

Here’s a look at two of my favorite “Mommy and Me” activities in New York City:

1.) Sign up for a Baby Massage Class at Maternal Massage and More.

Think massage is only for stressed-out adults? Think again. Many folks in the parenting community feel massage is an inspired way to bond with your baby. According to Janet Markovits, Maternal Massage founder, baby massage has been proven to strengthen baby’s immune system, stimulate digestion, relieve gas, and promote restful sleep. And when you are fully rested, you increase your chances of playing แทงบอลออนไลน์ online really well.

My husband and I love Janet Markovits’ laid-back approach when we took a first-hand look at baby massage. We felt comfortable with her knowledge; she’s a NY State licensed massage therapist and a graduate of the Swedish Institute of Massage. A massage class makes a great Father’s Day gift: my husband was able to get involved and found the instruction and handouts very informative. Janet personalized her instruction to our needs. During the session, our then 3-month-old daughter fussed over some of the techniques, but now nearly two years later she adores her post-bath rub down. And is it a coincidence that my daughter’s a great sleeper? I think not.

73 Spring Street, Suite 201 New York, NY 10012
Call for rates and appointments 212-533-3188

2.) Get to know New York’s cultural offerings with Metropolitan Moms.

Founded by Molly Sndyer and Dara Rosenberg, Metropolitan Moms coordinates museum visits, gallery walks, culinary adventures, and neighborhood historical explorations for new moms looking to get out of the house and use their legs and minds. Don’t worry you don’t need to hire a sitter at $15 and hour, most of these wonderful Metropolitan Mom outings include baby!

I took the multi-week Downtown Mix class. I joined a group of seven new moms (this class was best suited to non-walking babies, but other classes are geared towards toddlers) and their babes. We headed out to a different Downtown NYC location each week with our offspring snugly tucked away in strollers. We saw hot new gallery shows in Chelsea, toured the Lower East Side and had a personal tour of the National Museum of the American Indian. While I loved the weekly cultural excursions, I was thrilled to connect with other vibrant moms over topics more enthralling than breast-feeding. Here’s what else you can expect:

* All classes are private and led by an expert
* A babysitter accompanies the group on every outing to assist with feeding, diaper changing, etc.
* Small tour sizes
* Each activity concludes with an optional informal lunch at a child friendly restaurant
* All activities are designed for the easy navigation of strollers

Call 212.206.7272 or e-mail Molly for class schedules and more information.