My husband for the most part is very simple man but when it comes to being romantic or showing affection I am pretty sure he fell off the wagon. In our relationship I have initiated pretty much everything that has brought us to this point nine years later; the first date, first hug, first kiss, and the first night in bed. So why not initiate the marriage proposal? Of course society tells us to wait for the “fairy tale” love, proposal, and marriage but who has time for that? So I took it upon myself to make the big plunge to the big question: Will you marry me?

We are both big into the gaming world and World of Warcraft is our own fancy. So one night I decided to cause a big up roar in the town of Goldshire within the World of Warcraft which brought forth many online gamers within that area. After I had a crowd I told my husband to fly over to the area (with in game birds) and stop by Goldshire to see me. When he did I kneeled down on one knee with my automated human girl I made in game, with the name of Rosebudz, then I popped the question. World of Warcraft would say I yelled the question in there chat box but it was the thought that counted. My husband said yes and we are still gaming to this day around our other responsibilities. I am sure you may have an idea to where this story is going as far as our married life but I will go ahead and share that to. For eight years now he has stayed at home and raised the children and I have been the breadwinner of the family. Still not the usual “norm” for our society but it works for our family and that is what counts. You could even propose at a golf course and use clubs from

You may be thinking to yourself that does not sound too romantic for the life experiences I am initiating for myself. What we have to remember is “life” is not written in a book. We have to go with our own gut feelings and make our own dreams come true. For me it just happened to fall into my lap this way and it worked. The spark I still feel today for that man overrides the “norm” of romantic proposal I “could” have had. Ladies when you do find a man who thinks out romantic jesters when planning out proposals or marriages take a minute to embrace every minute of the romance you share. And for you to have extra funds for emergencies, you might want to look into playing some fun and interactive sports betting games via UFABET.