It’s no surprise when you come to my house that I LOVE Valentine’s Day. To be honest, it has to do with the colors – red, pink, add a little white in there and you’ve got me. I love all things Valentine’s Day and that includes the gifts that go with it. Last year I shared with you simple ways to show the mom of a young child how you care for her. This year I thought it would be fun to do a little gift guide to help get your creative juices flowing. And if this little blog post just happened to show up in your inbox, well, don’t worry your handsome little head, we’ll figure out something for your leading lady.

Valentine’s Day Gift Guide for the Woman in Your Life

Beth Quinn Designs

Beth Quinn Designs

I love the jewelry over on Beth Quinn Designs! They’re unique, fresh and she uses quotes! If you follow me on Instagram you know I love my quotes! Each piece of jewelry is handmade by Beth, who is a self-taught mixed media artist. Each piece of jewelry has textures to it as well as an inspirational message for the woman in your life.

Two Hearts Ring from Applepear Collection:

Hand formed hearts at each end of the ring that features a red ruby in one heart that will look great with anything on Valentine’s Day. This rose gold ring is adjustable so it can fit anyone and make her feel unique. Beautiful necklaces, rings, bracelets and earrings, each is handmade by designer Priscilla Carreon.


This one is for the practical mama, the one who is constantly searching for ways to organize her life and most importantly her purse (or diaper bag). I love pretty much everything Michelle from Zookaboo creates. It’s quality and is handmade by her. Her customer service is also fabulous.

Gigi’s Cupcake in a Jar, Gigi’s Woodbury, MN

Gigi’s of Woodbury

If you aren’t local to the Twin Cities, MN, but still want to send a morsel of sweetness to that special Valentine how about sending something sweet and yummy from Gigi’s Cupcakes in Woodbury? One 8oz cupcake can be shipped to your destination of choice. Choose from the available flavors such as S

Pride and Prejudice Darcy Mug by Sincerely Eunice

The literary aficionado woman will absolutely love the sentimentality and attention to detail in this handmade mug from Sincerely Eunice. I love coffee mugs, especially when they have a story behind it.

I have been coveting a JORD wood watch for the last four or five months. They’re all over Instagram and recently I had the opportunity to review one of their watches for my husband and I have been dying to snag one of my own. The watch is handcrafted and entirely made of wood. They are so so cool!! Read more of my review here and don’t forget to enter the giveaway.

These are just a few of the many gifts you can get for your lady this Valentine’s Day. I say, never underestimate the power in a handwritten, sentimental card but then again I’m sappy and love to have words of affirmation poured over me. Whatever you end up doing make sure you do take the time to celebrate each other. A solid home is one that has two happy parents and to do that you have to put each other and your relationship first. It’s okay to do that and your children will thank you when they’re older. If you’re a mama reading this click the share button to send to your Valentine for a few hints and don’t forget to add some of your own ideas in the comments below!