I’ve teamed up with the fabulous people at The Honest Company, who I’m calling the social goodness brand, you know the people who make these adorable disposable diapers, to bring you the perfect Baby Shower Gift Guide. There’s something about the month of May; maybe it’s the new life that’s springing up all around, the mild, warm Minnesota and the absence of snow that just calls for baby shower season. Not sure what you should get that new mom to be? Or maybe you’re registering for your first baby and you don’t know what on earth you should register for (other than everything in Babies “R” Us)?

Don’t worry, I’ve done this baby thing three times. I think I have a good handle on those necessary, often forgotten, items you need to have in your nursery.


Duh! You’d be surprised by how popular a pack of diapers is at a baby shower and how thankful the new parents are after they’ve opened up a pack of adorable diapers. Unless the parents are actively trying to do elimination communication with their baby diapers will always be welcome by a new mom.


I have told my husband so many time that even when our children are out of diapers I will always carry a pack of wipes around with me. You can use them for any and everything! It’s another necessity that you cannot go wrong with.

Diaper Rash Cream

A baby’s skin is brand new and because of that a new parent is going to want to have diaper rash cream on hand just in case that sweet little tush gets red and irritated.

Baby DHA

DHA helps support baby’s brain and eye development and since we all want the best for our children, why not give the a new mom something that’s going to help her child develop.

Baby Carrier

It’s amazing how little you can accomplish without the use of both hands! In those very early days, when baby is brand new and wanting to be snuggled, the sanity saving comfort of a baby being worn is crucial to both the child and the parent or caretaker wearing the baby. Give a new parent a baby carrier; they’ll love you forever.

Sound Machine

We live with a beagle; what some people call the lovely beagle “bay” I call the most annoying sound I’ve ever heard. Her bark or bay is loud and can pierce through closed doors. Our children have had sound machines while they slept since they were newborns. We used the white noise setting and it’s amazing how much outdoor noise is masked by a sound machine.

Video Baby Monitor

I didn’t have a video monitor for my older two children but we were able to get one for our third child and I LOVE IT!! I love that I can see what’s going on during naptime and at night when one of the kids wakes up crying.


Out of all three children, only one of them didn’t like to be swaddled. My oldest was swaddled until he was nine months old! During those late night feedings I could not figure out how to get him swaddled up tight enough to last. Enter a swaddler, which is a wearable blanket that has the capability to become a swaddle.