Flying with a guitar is not so simple. The costs and plane travel have changed such a huge amount as late that keeping the guitar free from any danger has become a ton troublesome than it ought to be. However, a few tips will help travel with the guitar and keep it safe.

Some of the useful tips to travel with a guitar are as follows-

The following are few useful tips to travel with a guitar-

Loosen the strings on the guitar

The temperature and pressure fluctuations in the flight can strain the guitar strings and snap the perfectly angled neck of the guitar. Loosening the strings beforehand would keep them safe and protected.

Use extra padding

Guitars are most fragile than one can think. So it is a good thought to give the guitar some additional cushioning and backing. By stuffing delicate materials, for example, shirts, socks, towels, into the cavities in the guitar case will keep it shielded from the mileage. In addition, the neck and the headstock of the guitar are more fragile, giving more attention to those areas when flying with the guitar. Again, the aim is to minimize the movement of the guitar inside the guitar case.

Research before booking a flight

Not all flights allow passengers to carry guitars aboard. Therefore, one should always do proper research before choosing airlines and check the guitar-friendly list of airlines.

Invest in a travel guitar

A travel guitar is portable and flexible. Therefore, travel guitars are worthy of buying as it is much easier to carry them.

Could you ship it?

It is always wise to ship the guitar before going on a trip. This is a safe and viable option when the airline does not allow travelling with a guitar.

Buy a good guitar case

A good-quality, durable guitar case will last longer, and it will keep the guitar safe and protected from all of the airport wilderness.

What are the best guitars for travel?

Most guitarists who are away from home who wished they had their favourite instrument with them on the trip can invest in a guitar that they could carry with them. Taking a regular sized guitar on a trip is risky and could get damaged or broken. A guitar that is best for travel should be lightweight, durable and handy. Many factors affect the safety of an instrument during travels. Size and weight are one of them. However, the market is full of portable guitars. Some of the best guitars for travel are as follows-

Suited for beginners

For people who are new to learning a guitar, the pocket guitar will make the job easy for them. Regular guitars are complex and more complicated to learn. Routine practice on the pocket guitar can build the basic guitar-playing skills, and then it would be easier to shift on the regular guitar. In addition, it is less time consuming, and one can steadily enhance one skill by using a pocket guitar.