Martin LXK2 Little Martin Koa

The Little Martin Koa is almost 23 inches in size. It is a compact and sweet guitar for travel. It offers an amazing natural tonality. This is a mini-guitar and is cheaper when compared to other guitars, and has all the features like other guitars. It is ideal for smaller hands and children. Due to its small size, it is simple to carry this guitar when travelling. It is aesthetically beautiful and comes with a sturdy guitar case. It doesn’t sound empty or tinny like the other small guitars do. The sound quality of this guitar is unbeatable, which makes it one of the best small travel guitars.

Martin Steel-String Backpacker

The Martin Steel String backpacker travel guitar is a slim guitar that makes it perfect for travel. It is tiny and is super lightweight. Its very name suggests that its sole purpose is to stay handy and easy to carry. This guitar does not take up much space and is constructed with solid, durable wood and great sound quality. This tiny guitar provides good acoustic. It has a unique contours body and neck shape. It is affordable and is one of the best-selling guitars out there.

Taylor Guitars Baby Taylor BT1

This is a baby guitar that gained massive popularity after many musicians started using this guitar at concerts and live shows. It was primarily designed for children to learn guitar in their early childhood. This guitar provides a rich and deep tone and vibration. The guitar is tiny and is portable. When travelling, this guitar does not take much space and is a great go guitar. It is affordable, and many adults like it despite its initial purpose for young guitar learners.
What are the benefits of owning a pocket guitar?
When travelling, there is a lot of stuff that one has to take care of. If you have a guitar and the rest of the luggage, it becomes difficult to take care of everything all at once. Therefore, one must consider purchasing a pocket guitar. This type of guitar is easy to use and also handy when it comes to travelling. There are plenty of benefits of owning a pocket guitar.


A pocket guitar is a perfect tool for practising cords. It is small enough to keep it in the pocket. A pocket guitar measures about 20 to 30 centimetres. If one spends a lot of travelling and staying outdoors, this guitar is perfect for them. These guitars come with a protective sleeve and can be carried easily anywhere.

Economic and compact

A pocket guitar is economical and cheaper when compared to the original guitar. It is also compact and does not take up a lot of space. Moreover, one can keep it secure in a plastic case. If one closes the guitar, it becomes half of its original size. It is also very comfortable when learning to play certain songs as it is so easy to hold in hand.