Wow! It has been a while since I’ve updated this blog! I find it so interesting how the summer is a season that I associate with relaxing and rest but it’s almost always the busiest time of my year.

This picture is what has recently been happening every time Brennan eats. Chula is obsessed with “helping” clean up. Brennan, of course, loves the attention she gives to him.

We’ve had a few firsts on Teakwood…Last Saturday, June 20th, I noticed two little bumps on Brennan’s gums. My friend, Katie, was visiting and she’s a mother of two – sure enough, she confirmed that they were teeth! Can I tell you that I seriously feel like the boy has been teething since April? The experience hasn’t been as bad as I had imagined it. Sure he’s had a few rough days and the naps have been hit or miss. The night sleep has not been bad AT ALL, praise the Lord!
We’re in the process of remodeling our kitchen. Ben’s really quite the handy-man and I’m beginning to wonder if maybe he should’ve gone into a trade where he can use his hands rather than accounting. He has a very keen eye for detail. I’ll post pictures of the finished product.
Brennan’s also on his way to started to crawl! Yes, that’s right, he’s getting mobile! So far he can only push himself backwards.
My parents are on a cruise in Alaska to celebrate their 30th wedding anniversary. We have the pleasure of driving their adorable Honda Civic Hybrid around. I’m really growing to love this car and will be sad when they return. I’ve also started using my dad’s Theracane on my back. For as often as I made fun of him for using it, the thing is amazing! Look it up online to figure out what it is.
I’ll have more later! TTFN!

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