Last week I wrote about the new hit TV show on Disney XD Walk the Prank. My kids have been enjoying it thoroughly since it aired on April 6th. I had the chance to visit the set of the show and meet with actor Tobie Windham (“Uncle Will”). The show was filming on the Paramount Pictures lot so we were able to get a backstage pass to go beyond the gates.

Paramount Pictures Studio Lot where Walk the Prank is filmed.

When we met with Windham we had to ask him, since this is a show centered around pranks, if the cast ever played pranks on each other. He told us that it was his birthday during filming and the cast asked him to stay for a little while longer. He became suspicious of it but reluctantly stayed. All of a sudden a caked was rolled out to him along with cameras following; he just knew that the cake was going to get smashed in his face….only it didn’t. They sang “Happy Birthday” to him and that was it. Sometimes the best pranks are the ones that aren’t pranks, huh?

Tobie Windham plays Uncle Will in Disney's new TV show Walk the Prank.

In case you haven’t heard about Walk the Prank the show is scripted, however, the pranks that they pull are one hundred percent real. Real reactions from the unknowing participant and bystanders. We asked Windham how they choose the people to play the prank on and he informed us that they usually have a connection with someone the person knows. In the first episode, the major prank was a robot that goes crazy during a science fair and the prank participant (or victim, I keep wanting to say victim!) was a man who was there to judge the science fair. Obviously he had to have some connection to science to be worthy of judging a science fair, right? That’s the connection. Typically friends or family suggest a person who should be pranked and most pranks are all done in fun and harmless. They also give a warning at least twice in each episode that the pranks that are about to be seen should not be done at home. After watching two episodes my kids get it and they will tell you that you can’t do the pranks by yourself at home.

Walk the Prank airs every Wednesday at 8:30 EST only on Disney XD

Windham also explained to us that part of his role on the show is to be the adult to inform those who have “walked the prank” that the whole thing was a joke. They do this so that if someone were to get really angry about the prank Windham would take the fall and not one of the kids. He explained, “As soon as we finish the pranks, I always do high fives to just make sure [that they know], ‘Hey this was a joke and you had a friend who set you up. It’s all in fun.’ That’s my barometer though.” If the person reciprocates Windham’s high five they know the person is okay with what happened. If the high five is not reciprocated, well, that’s another story (and thankfully one that they haven’t had to experience yet).


Tonight’s episode is “A Moving Situation,”

Chance and Herman learn that their father is up for a big promotion, and they might have to move to a different city if he gets the job.

Hmm…wonder what the kids will be up to with that one? I like the show. I like how they show that life can be fun and laughter is the best medicine. I also really appreciate the sense of teamwork and friendship that the shows brings out through its scripted story line.

Watch Walk the Prank only on Disney XD, 8:30 – 9:30pm EST on Wendesdays.

Flights, hotel and accommodations were provided to me by Disney and I’m so appreciative for the opportunity. These opinions are 100% my own.

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