Third Time's a Charm: My THOR RAGNAROK World Premiere Red Carpet Experience

Special thanks to Marvel, Disney and ABC for sending me on this all expense paid trip to cover THOR RAGNAROK, “The Mayor” on ABC, CARS 3 Blu-Ray release, Disney Junior’s “Vampirina” and littleBits’ STAR WARS Droid Inventor Kits. All opinions are my own. We are a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for us to earn fees by linking to and affiliated sites.

You could feel the energy and excitement whirling around the tented area in front of the El Capitan Theater in downtown Los Angeles. I’ve done two red carpets before I walked the red carpet at the world premiere of THOR RAGNAROK and let me tell you, a Marvel red carpet is unlike no other. The fans are ecstatic and devoted; celebrities you wouldn’t expect to see in attendance are there. One thing joins people from all walks alike together and that’s the Marvel Cinematic Universe.


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As I was walking into the red carpet area I noticed this really tall man. He looked so familiar. Why did he look familiar? Then I made the connection: football. He’s a football player. I combed through the very little sports knowledge I store in my brain. “Ben, um, Roth, whatever,” I thought to myself, “Wait! No! The guy that used to put 3:16 under his eyes, Tim Tebow! It’s Tim Tebow.” Then the “mission” to snag a photo with Mr. Tebow began and man was it short lived. I chickened out. I couldn’t make eye contact and it didn’t feel natural to be some obnoxious woman pretending to be his biggest fan. My husband would be impressed but not impressed enough for me to look foolish and make Mr. Tebow feel awkward. I love getting selfies with celebrities but I draw the line at acting silly and making the person feel odd.

Red Carpet Experience THOR RAGNAROK

The red carpet was crowded and it was house under a tent which isn’t what I’m used to. The fact that it was a smaller area meant we got a better chance to see the stars of the film as well as other important Marvel players like director of GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY vol. 2 James Gunn. My friend, Tessa Smith, has a sleeve of GotG that’s kind of infamous within the Marvel world. One look at her sleeve and Mr. Gunn came over to say hello! Tessa is a huge Marvel comics gal and this was before she had the opportunity to attend Marvel premieres and press junkets. This is the photo Tessa took with James Gunn and Kevin Feige, the president of Marvel Studios, during the GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY Vol. 2 press trip.

So then of course when James Gunn spotted Tessa on the red carpet I had to capture the moment since I had a birds eye view. Don’t mind the quality of the photo, it’s rubbish because of the lighting and apparently my little iPhone SE doesn’t take the best shots!

Director James Gunn with Tessa Smith

Director James Gunn with Tessa Smith

I felt really rushed to get the perfect photo and I wanted to take everything in so I’m glad I had a stellar photo buddy in Christa Thompson of The Fairytale Traveler. There was one point when we held up everyone behind us and I had an audience while I was taking a photo. I couldn’t help but think that there’s no way I could be a celebrity and stand in front of everyone taking photos! I’m happy with the result and the cheers from those who were behind us were kind of fun.

Third Time's a Charm: My THOR RAGNAROK World Premiere Red Carpet Experience

I have had so many compliments on my dress and I’m so flattered. Wanna know a secret? It was only $20! See you don’t have to pay an arm and a leg for red carpet wear. You can purchase the dress here on Amazon and to add some extra poof to the skirt order a pettiskirt. It’s super fun and the shape is really flattering to all sizes. Yes, it comes in plus size as well as average. I’m extra fabulous so I get to add a plus to my size! That’s how we should all look at it, huh?

Get my THOR RAGNAROK Red Carpet Look

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I kind of like to think of the red carpet as prom, only I don’t have to worry about getting a date, who I’m going to dance with or who’s going to rent the limo. For this mama of three, dressing up and remembering that I am glamorous is sometimes just the thing I need to remind me that I’m more than a glorified housemaid, cook and taxi driver!

THOR RAGNAROK Roadworn Costume

Photo courtesy of Christa Thompson,

When can you see THOR RAGNAROK? November 3rd, 2017, EVERYWHERE.

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