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Samuel Johnson said, “To improve the golden opportunity, and catch the good that is within our reach, is the great art of life.” While it may seem over the top to open my Thirsties Natural One Size All in One review with such a quote, but humor me for a moment. Thirsties is a staple brand in the cloth diaper industry. They have many popular products and make the best selling diaper cover on the market, their Duo Wraps. Still, Thirsties is always striving to innovate and improve; it’s one of the many things I love about this company. I know you’re thinking, “Right Laura, but you work for Thirsteis, of course you think they’re great.” True I am apart of #TeamThirsties so naturally I am a bit biased, but really I’ve been a fan for a long time and Thirsties new Natural One Size All in One does not disappoint.

Thirsties Natural Diaper

Overview: Thirsties Natural One Size All in One is designed to fit babies 8-40 lbs. It has three rise settings and is available in snaps as well as hook and loop. The exterior is Thirsties soft flexible PUL and is available in a variety of colors and prints. The interior liner is 100% organic cotton. There are two soakers sewn in at the top of the diaper that are made of 8 layers of 55% hemp – 45% organic. Thirsties Natural One Size All in One retails for $24.75.

Sisters’ Say: Like I said, this diaper does not disappoint. The fit is almost identical to the that of Thirsties One Size All in One. It is easily customizable. My baby lives up to her nickname, “Little Girl,” and I can achieve excellent fit on her petite frame. Plus I know she’ll be able to wear this diaper till she’s potty trained because there is a lot of room for her to grow. The body of Thirsties Natural One Size All in One is very soft and flexible which makes it comfortable for tiny and large babies alike. I also love the gentle yet secure leg and waist elastics and how trim it is.

Thirsties Natural Diaper

I’m very impressed with Thirsties Natural One Size All in One’s performance and absorbency. It only takes three washes to prep, which is great for a natural fiber diaper. Being a partially hemp product, I was wanted to see how fast-acting its absorbency was, since hemp tends to absorb slower than other cloth diapering materials. The soakers’ hemp/cotton blend works perfectly so absorbency rate is not an issue once fully prepped. Being a natural fiber blend makes Thirsties Natural One Size All in One very absorbent. It is a great nap time diaper. I was curious to see how it worked at night. For context, Little Girl is 14 lbs and I would call her a normal wetter, not a heavy wetter. To be safe I added a size small Thirsties hemp insert behind the soakers. Little Girl slept soundly for 12 hours. We had no leak issues and the diaper was not soaked through. Thirsties for the win!

Thirsties Natural Diaper

Like all Thirsties products, the materials are excellent and the quality of construction makes this diaper built to last. Retailing at $25.75 I have to say that Thirsties Natural One Size All in One is a great value. I’m happy to give Thirsties Natural One Size All in One an enthusiastic thumbs up!

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