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Borrowing its name from the Roman goddess of  childbirth and protector of newborn infants, Levana is a first class child safety device company. The people at Levana have been in the business of safety and security for years. Actually before entering into the baby monitor market, they had years of experience making video security products. Levana produced the first wireless, hand-held and full-color baby video monitor. Now the Levana line includes a wide range of baby monitors. Today I have the Ovia™ PTZ Baby Monitor review.

The Ovia™ PTZ Baby Monitor is a wireless video baby monitor that has Talk to Baby™ Two-way talk Communication, a 4.3″ LCD screen, and touch panel controls. It also comes with a micro SD card so parents can capture cute moments and load them directly onto their computer. The Ovia comes with two cameras; however, this system can be expanded up to four cameras. The cameras have silent pan, tilt, and zoom, plus invisible night vision LEDs so parents can keep a watchful eye on their littles without disturbing the peace and quiet. Originally retailing for $259.99 the Ovia™ PTZ Baby Monitor is now on sale for $169.99.

video baby monitor

First Time Mom’s Take

Are video monitors worth it? Before moving into our house my husband and I lived in city apartments so I didn’t really see the need for video baby monitors. Now that we’re in a house I can’t imagine not having one. Our  two year old son’s room is on another level from our bedroom and having a video monitor gives me peace of mind during nap time and at night. I love that I can check on him without making a trip down the stairs and risk waking him up by opening his bedroom door. After sharing our room for four months we moved our daughter into the nursery. Being able to see baby sleep helped me through that transition. While I love using a video monitors in both of the kids’ rooms I’m surprised by how much I appreciate having one in my son’s room. Before getting a video monitor my husband and I were often puzzled by the noises coming from his monitor. What is that crazy boy doing? Now we can see exactly what he’s doing. With the Ovia™ PTZ Baby Monitor’s Talk to Baby™ Two-way talk Communication we can remind him that it’s time to stop playing and rest. As you can see, there are many reasons why a video monitor is worth the investment.

Ovia Performance Functionally the Ovia is an excellent video monitor. Ovia’s sound quality and signal strength are great. I appreciate that the signal is also secured by Levana’s ClearVu technology so no outsiders can snoop on our littles. Ovia’s picture quality is good for a video monitor, but it certainly isn’t HD. I love that the cameras have a large viewing range and do not produce any distracting light or noise. I also appreciate that the monitor itself has a variety of brightness and volume options so it doesn’t disturb my sleep unless one of the kids needs me. The control panel is easy to navigate after glancing at the manual and I loved how easy the Ovia was to set up. My one criticism of the Ovia’s function is the placement of the power button. It is easy to mistakenly activate the microphone while trying to turn the monitor off.

video baby monitor

Ovia Features The Ovia™ PTZ Baby Monitor comes with all the standard features you’d expect from a video monitor, plus some useful and fun extras. I like that I can capture pictures and videos and easily transfer them onto my computer. Being a musician, I’m not a fan of most canned music so I could go without the lullaby options, but I’m sure some people dig it. When in “Peep Mode” the Ovia only lights up only when the camera detects movement or noise on the other end. This is a clever way to save battery life. One negative is that Ovia does not have temperature monitoring like some of Levana’s other monitors and I miss that feature. By far my favorite feature is the Talk to Baby™ Two-way talk Communication. I don’t use it with our baby, but it sure is handy with big brother.

Finally, I appreciate that the Ovia™ PTZ Baby Monitor is produced by an excellent company like Levana. Their line up of products is a testimony to Levana’s years of experience in the industry. One look at their website and it’s clear they are there to serve their customers. First Time Mom gives the Ovia™ PTZ Baby Monitor our stamp of approval!

Do you use a baby monitor? What is your preference sound only or a video monitor?


Wife, work at home mom, and bassoonist, Laura Ankrum lives in Iowa City, Iowa. Prior to the arrival of her two children Laura taught elementary music and band in the Boston area. Now her home is her classroom and music studio. Laura is passionate about education, encouraging other moms, and eco-friendly living. She is the social media coordinator at Thirsties Inc and regularly contributes to First Time Mom.