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If you have a child older than nine months and sleeping consistently through the night, either waking once to nurse or not waking at all, then you probably know the difficulty in finding a nighttime diapering solution that works. My son, who’s four and a half years old now, was proficient at being a heavy wetting. It took me months to find the right absorbency to keep it all in. I was not comfortable with any kind of cloth diaper that wasn’t a pocket so that greatly limited my choices. Then I had Kendall in 2011 and because I had more experience with cloth diapers I ventured out of my comfort zone; I entered the world of fitted diapers. I’m not looking back and here’s why:

  1. The absorbency is unmatched. You cannot find a more absorbent diaper than a fitted and it’s not as scary as you might think it is. Simply add a cover, wool or PUL.
  2. If you use a wool cover it allows for your baby’s skin to breathe which is a good thing when using diapers that have PUL and TPU as the waterproofing material.
  3. The prints are so darn cute!!
Allow me to introduce you to Sarah, the Memphis mama behind my new favorite nighttime diaper, the Nommy’s Nighttime Nappy! Sarah is a mama of one to her little man, Thomas (age 3) and has been married to her high school love, Chad, for ten years this June. By daytime Sarah is an audiologist specializing in adult hearing impairment and by night, well, she’s making beautiful, soft, fluffy cloth diapers! Sarah and her family also love biking on Memphis’s Greenline System.
Now, don’t mistake the name for Mommy’s Nappies, it’s specifically Nommy’s Nappies. Sarah and her husband affectionately called their son Thomas the nickname “Nommy” since birth. It was obvious with the alliteration that comes from Nommy’s Nappies that Sarah just had to use it as her shop name. With so many different fitteds on the market what makes Sarah’s diaper stand apart from the rest? I just had to ask her and here’s what she said,

I believe I was one of the first to make pocket hybrid fitted diapers the way I do it – 4 layers of material throughout the body. Many hybrid fitteds replace the absorbent inner core layer with polyester fleece to repel liquid. I believe that the purpose of a fitted is to have absorbency throughout the body of the diaper, so I kept the absorbent layer, added the poly fleece layer next to the outer knit, and put in a stay dry layer with a pocket opening closest to baby. The added benefit of a wicking layer next to the skin helps some babies stay dryer and more comfortable all night/naptime long, and the pocket opening means you can customize this diaper throughout your child’s diapering years. 

Sarah’s not kidding; there have been mornings where Kendall wakes up and the outside of her Nommy’s feels damp to the touch. That’s after 12 hours of solid sleep! Sarah came up with her nighttime design because of two frustrations she experienced while cloth diapering her own Nommy. She says,

This design came from two of my hang ups – 

1. I hate spraying poop off of serged edges. Exposed soakers just frustrate me because I am a little anal (pun intended!) about spraying every single bit of poop off my son’s diapers before pailing them. 

2. Nommy has always been sensitive to sitting in wetness, and anyone who knows me knows I LOVE my sleep, so keeping that baby’s bum dry is a top priority. 

As for her inspiration? She says she’s inspired primarily from Facebook explaining that the constant evolving nature of the cloth diapering industry challenges her to make her product better than what she has done before. “All the questions and ideas floating around constantly remind you that there are different ways to do these cloth diapers, and most of them are valid,” Sarah shares, “When I see a perfect diaper someone else has made, it makes me want to be better.” I can’t wait to see what a better Nighttime Nappy looks like!

I’m not lying when I say that I love this diaper at nighttime. The inner fleece of the diaper is incredibly soft to the touch and because Sarah adds that extra wicking layer of fabric it does a very nice job of keeping baby’s skin dry. I will tell you that you do need to prep this diaper adequately before nighttime use. I was so excited to use my diaper when it came in the mail that I did one prepping and then had Kendall wear it at night. Not a good decision; she leaked through her PJs. I know better though. Now the Zorb insert comes separately from the hybrid fitted but I think it’s worth your dollar. Sure you could use another pocket diaper’s insert just as well but I don’t know if the diaper would hold up as well as it has for me overnight if you do this. 

The only downfall for the diaper is also its best feature: the thickness of the diaper and having it fit over a cover can be tricky. I’ve found that I typically have no problem when I use a wool cover or soaker over my Nappy, however, if I use a smaller fitting PUL cover it doesn’t provide good enough coverage. Then the diaper touches the fabric of Kendall’s PJs and the wetness gets wicked up by the fabric of the PJs. It’s a very small downside to the diaper but that’s why you should read reviews before purchasing a diaper! Take my advice and make certain that whatever cover you use it has good coverage. 

Do you need to find a new nighttime diapering solution? Check out Nommy’s Nappies on Facebook or on Etsy for pricing. And don’t forget to enter the Fluffy Mail giveaway for your chance to win one of your very own!!

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