Lemonade Stand Promise- Encouraging an Entrepreneurial Spirit in Today's Youth

It happened last summer. I was driving home from a friend’s house and I happened to not have any kids with me. You know how that is, the silence is such a sweet, sweet time. As I was driving I spotted a lemonade stand with a few kids sitting out in chairs. On an impulse I decided to stop and purchase a lemonade for 50¢. You should have seen these kids’ faces light up. I couldn’t help but smile; I was able to help inspire them to work hard at their little lemonade stand business.

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That experience got me thinking what a privilege I have as an adult to help foster an attitude of work ethic in the children around me. People always complain how today’s youth are so entitled; they never work for anything. I’m sure when I was a child the adult around me complained of the same thing. What if we did something different? Rather than whine and complain about the youth around us, what if we made a conscious decision to support the little entrepreneurs we see? 

Join the movement and inspire little entrepreneurs that hard work does pay off. Take the Lemonade Stand Promise today!


It doesn’t have to be much but the impact will be great. Ghandi said, “Be the change you want to see in the world,” and what better way than to positively affect the children around us? I’m constantly telling my kids that if they want something they have to earn it. If my seven-and-a-half-year-old son wants a LEGO set and it’s not my son’s birthday nor is it close to the holidays then it’s his responsibility to save his money for it. Why? I want for him to learn that possessions, whether material or experiential, are something that we earn through hard work. It’s not given to you. That’s not how life works.

So will you join me in taking the Lemonade Stand Promise this summer?

The Lemonade Stand Promise

The act is simple. The cost is minimal. The impact could be monumental. Will you join me as we encourage our youth to become little entrepreneurs?

Lemonade Stand Promise Final


Take the promise and then:

  • Grab the button and post it on your Facebook page, Instagram account or blog! Click here.
  • Post a photo (publicly or we can’t find you!) of the Lemonade Stand Promise in action on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. (Remember though that not every person wants their photo or their child’s photo all over social media so be creative and try to refrain from taking photos of the children we’re supporting through this promise.)
  • When you post a photo use the hashtag #lemonadestandpromise and one photo will be featured weekly on First Time Mom.

At the end of the summer we plan to have a huge giveaway for all participants so grab the spare change you have and keep it handy! Now let’s get out there and support the youth around us!

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Bert Anderson is a blogger and social media manager mom of three living outside of the Twin Cities in Minnesota. She’s the author behind the blog First Time Mom, where she honestly chronicles the peaks and valleys of parenting. Even though she has more than one child, Bert maintains that whether you have one child or 19, there’s a first time for everything. She’s a lover of coffee, conversations, pop culture, healthy living and fitness.