Hanna Andersson Shopping event at the MOA on 11/19

I am partnering with Hanna Andersson to help publicize and co-host this event in exchange for product.

Full disclosure, when I received an email from someone at Hanna Andersson asking me if I wanted to co-host an event at the Hanna Andersson store at the Mall of America I thought, “Who me?” I am not any fashionista, my kids aren’t either. In fact, the majority of the clothes my girls have are hand-me-downs from my bestie Crunchy Shannon’s daughter. One thing I do love though? Girl time and conversation so the opportunity seemed like a no-brainer. Meet a few of you who choose to follow First Time Mom (have I told you how humbled and grateful I am by you? I am) in real life, hang out on a Saturday morning shopping in an adorable store, and I’ll be there.

Join me at HANNA ANDERSSON on Saturday, 11/19 from 9am – 12pm at the Mall of America!

Here are the details:

Hanna Andersson at MOA Invite

Not only are Hanna Andersson clothes a-freaking-dorable but their quality it top notch. Some of the pieces that I have from Shannon are eight years old and they honest do not look that age at all. Sure they show signs of wear, however, it’s not nearly as apparent as some of the other brands that I have from big box stores. The designs are timeless and the product is built to last.

[ctt template=”8″ link=”2T4Ve” via=”yes” ]Join me at @happyhannas, the @MallofAmerica on Saturday, 11/19 from 9am – 12 for a fun little shopping event. Did I mention you get 20% off? @firsttimemommn[/ctt]

I’m going to try to not buy the entire store but I have a soft spot for sparkles, pajamas, and anything super girly for my girls. Here are a few outfits I’ve got my eye on:

Hanna Andersson Top Picks for Winter 2016

What do you need to do to attend? Just show up! I’d love to know if you’re going to be there so if you are please, by all means, comment below or email me! You’ll want to come to the Hanna Andersson store at the Mall of America; it’s located in the mall at 190 North Garden. You can also click here for the map and specifics.

Hope to see you there and bring a friend!

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