My husband and I are long-time Jim Gaffigan fans. We discovered Jim’s comedy early in our marriage. We had many a cheap date night watching his bit about Hot Pockets, his love affair with bacon, and distaste for kale on YouTube in our garden level Boston apartment. The more we watched the more we wanted to see Jim Gaffigan perform live.

The Search for Good Comedy

Fast forward several years to summer 2015 and we’re still big Gaffigan fans. With a two year old and a newborn at home we finally get all of his parenting jokes! Newborns have a way of making you feel quite housebound. As many of our friends posted selfie’s at Jim Gaffigan “Contagious” tour I couldn’t help but turning a little green with envy. We found other ways to get our fill of comedy, because [Tweet “if anyone needs regular doses of comedy it’s parents of small children”]. We watched Last Comic Standing on NBC and we looked for comedy specials on our entertainment trifecta: Hulu, Netflix, and Amazon Prime. Of course recordings of Gaffigan’s live shows,”Beyond the Pale,””Jim Gaffigan: Obsessed,” and “Mr. Universe,” “Jim Gaffigan: Obsessed” always made the list when we needed a good laugh. Then we discovered The Jim Gaffigan Show last July and stocked it while the show’s espisodes bounced around our Roku player’s apps during its first season. (Thankfully TV Land picked up the Jim Gaffigan show for a second season so there’s no need for stocking this summer.)

Gaffigan Tour

Going to the Show

Well friends, one year later I feel like I’ve arrived! For our 8th anniversary hubby got us tickets to see Jim Gaffigan’s Fully Dressed Tour at his Davenport, IA show. With a close family friend to watch the kiddos, First Time Mom Facebook fans to help me pick my dress, and a little help from my breast pump, hubby and I headed to the Quad Cities. Our evening started with a delicious dinner at Duck City Bistro, which is conveniently across the street from the Adler Theatre. Oh, I can’t tell how glorious it is to enjoy dinner and a glass of wine without worrying about feeding someone else or scarfing everything down before the kids get antsy!

After dinner we head over to the Adler. Following my mom’s sage advice we make pit stop before finding our balcony seats. “[Tweet “Remember to use the bathroom before the show starts,” my mother says. “You’ve had two children and your going to see Jim Gaffigan”].” It was a good thing I visited the Ladies Room because I was in stitches from the opener to Jim’s final bit. The opener was a hoot. Being a musician and former elementary school teacher, I especially enjoyed his bit making fun of classical radio DJ’s and calling the recorder, “Satan’s flute.” Then it was time for Jim’s set.

Gaffigan date night

From fat men’s use of belts, to Midwesterners’ obsession with the weather, to yet another witty take on the Hot Pocket, Jim has a way of finding the hilarious in every day life. Honestly I was nervous to see Jim Gaffigan live. What if he’s not as good live as the show recordings? Well Mr. Gaffigan’s Fully Dress set did not disappoint. Plus I believe the intangible magic of a live performance is augmented at a comedy show. Some aspects of a comedy show can only be appreciated live. The sizzle of energy that fills the theater just before the show begins, the connection of give and take between comedian and audience, the moment when someone’s laugh is as hilarious as the joke which inspired it; a recording cannot capture this magic. Seeing a comedian like Jim Gaffigan live is totally worth it. Luckily the Fully Dressed tour runs through December. Check out the tour dates here and keep laughing.

Wife, work at home mom, and bassoonist, Laura Ankrum lives in Iowa City, Iowa. Prior to the arrival of her two children Laura taught elementary music and band in the Boston area. Now her home is her classroom and music studio. Laura is passionate about education, encouraging other moms, and eco-friendly living. She is the social media coordinator at Thirsties Inc and regularly contributes to First Time Mom.