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Save Your Sanity: Use intelliGlass Screen Protector

Have you ever dropped your mobile? Have you ever dropped it because you were juggling too many things in your arms the way us moms do? Then, suddenly you hear that crrrraaaccckkk sound. Your heart is crushed and you wish that you hadn’t decided to buy that super cute no-protection-at-all cover for your iPhone. Now I carry my iPhone as if it were the Holy Grail. Enter intelliARMOR.

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intelliARMOR is a mobile device protection company that specializes in screens. What sets intelliARMOR apart from other brands is their use of what they call “intelliGLASS”. What is intelliGLASS? From intelliARMOR,

intelliGLASS is an ultra high clarity outer shield that will protect your screen from scratches and drops. Did you know that fixing a broken touch screen can cost hundreds of dollars? As your phone’s outer armor, intelliGLASS will absorb just about any impact, sacrificing itself for your phone.

I have an iPhone 5 so when I had the opportunity to review intelliARMOR’s ultra-hardened REAL glass product, intelliGlass Screen Protector, I really wanted to give it a chance. Choosing the product was pretty easy. The website is nicely laid out with a very clean and simple design.

Shipping was extremely fast as well; I ordered the product on Tuesday and I had it in my hands by Thursday.

intelliGLASS HD The Smart Screen Protector

I have to confess, because I’ve read a few horrible reviews about screen protectors on Amazon, I was a little apprehensive to apply the screen protector myself. I’ve heard that it’s extremely challenging to actually get the protector on without having dirt and dust under the glass and everyone always seems to complain about air bubbles. I’m happy to report to you that the installation was extremely easy!

When you receive your intelliARMOR Glass Screen Protector you are given all of the tools needed for an easy application.

intelliGlass screen protector kit

First things first you need to wash your hands thoroughly. Then you’ll clean the screen of your smartphone by using the Cleaning Wet Wipe and microfiber cloth included in the intelliGlass package. This step of application is of utmost importance and while it’s extremely it will benefit you to not rush through it.

First use the Cleaning Wet Wipe and microfiber cloth to clean the screen of your Smartphone

Next use the dust removing film also provided in your kit.

Dust Removal Tape for intelliGlass Screen Protector

Once you’ve cleaned the screen and removed any possible remaining dust particles, you are going to take the intelliGLASS screen and align it properly with your smartphone. It’s best to do this by placing your smartphone on a hard and flat surface. Once the speaker, home button and edges are aligned properly gently lower the intelliGLASS onto your smartphone screen. Again, no need to rush the process; take your time. Once the shield is on your smartphone’s screen gently press from inside to the outside to remove any bubbles. And there you have it! My newly applied intelliGLASS screen protector by intelliARMOR!

intelliGLASS The Smarter Screen Protector

Easy peasy lemon squeezy!!! The fine folks at intelliARMOR want to offer every First Time Mom reader a 20% off code so you can add their intelliGLASS screen protection to your tablet or smartphone. Simply visit their website, choose the product you’d like to order and then enter the code: INTELLI20 at check out!

Visit their website: https://www.intelliarmor.com

I have to ask…have you every cracked the screen of your smartphone or tablet?


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