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You’ve probably seen a ton of reviews on Smart Bottoms‘ Smart One, an all-in-one (AIO) diaper. I haven’t read any of them because I knew that I was going to be reviewing one too so I didn’t want to be influenced by what I read. If I had read the reviews I’m certain we’d all come to the same conclusion: the Smart One 3.0 is one smart fluff in a sea of AIO’s begging to stand apart.

First and foremost, allow me to introduce you to Christy, the owner and creator of Smart Bottoms. Christy has been married for ten years to Geoff; they have two daughters who are four and five years old. Interestingly enough, both Geoff and Christy come from entrepreneurial families so it’s no wonder why this dynamic couple click and why they have a successful cloth diaper business. When she’s not being a savvy cloth diaper business woman she can be found in the great outdoors of beautiful Michigan either enjoying the sun and sand dunes or sledding down a hill with her girls.

I like to know from the designer’s perspective what makes their diaper stand out from the rest and of course I had to ask Christy,

Most of our products have at least one, if not several, defining features that really set them apart from the rest. The Smart One is our keystone product. It is our organic, one-size, AIO diaper. It features a unique design that allows for a parent to customize absorbency without bulkiness. It also dries faster than other organic AIO’s on the market (only 1 drier cycle needed!), even though it boasts 10 super absorbent layers of organic cotton! Our Too Smart Cover has a unique leg adjustment option that allows it to fit from 6-35 lbs. It also is the only cover on the market that offers both a wipe-able interior as well as super soft fleece leg casings. Our Smartfold is most definitely the most absorbent prefold on the market! This is the perfect option for even the heaviest wetters! The 2x3x2 design has a unique construction that allows for optimal absorption rate, which is critical for heavy wetting toddlers. Just because this product is super functional doesn’t mean you lose any of the comfort! These diapers are made with a super soft and fuzzy organic cotton and hemp fleece. We also offer unique trainers, swim diapers, and wet bags.

I can attest to the Smart One’s trimness. I love this feature of the diaper in particular. If Kendall’s wearing a pair of pants that may be a little on the tight side for her adorable fluffy bum I automatically reach for the Smart One. As you can see in the picture the legs of the diaper kind of fold in making this puckering in kind of effect. I’m not a sewer at all so you’ll have to excuse my use of non-seamstress verbiage. See in the picture? I hope you’re stackin’ what I’m baling!

What Christy says about the absorbency is absolutely true! I actually put Kendall in the diaper and then we ran out to Ikea for a few things for our new house; after two and a half hours the diaper had held up. No leaks. If you can see how trim this diaper is you’ll understand why I was amazed. I dry my diapers on low and the Smart One does need a little extra air drying time but it’s not much at all. I could probably dry my diapers longer but I ruined my first batch of bumGenius 3.0’s by doing that so I’m a little hesitant that history will repeat itself.

I will say that I did not try this diaper out at night. I’m certain that with a few doublers this puppy can last for 12 hours but I do not know if this is true from firsthand experience. That being said, if you want a trim diaper for your skinny baby the Smart One has to be on your list.

Now what’s really interesting to me is the fact that Christy’s eldest daughter was not cloth diapered. The thought hadn’t occurred to her, “About six days after our youngest was born, I was changing her diaper and found the clear beads from the inside of her diaper stuck to her bottom…That was the first time I realized that the diapers I was putting on my brand new, perfect little baby contained some weird, unrecognizable chemical compound. I started researching just exactly what they were made out of and made a decision that day to cloth diaper.” Christy was completely new to the world of cloth diapering and envisioned using our beloved grandmother’s flats with huge diaper pins and plastic pants. 

After purchasing brand name diapers online and having unsuccessful experiences with her normal weight but skinny legged baby, Christy started thinking about what would make the perfect cloth diaper. Then her daughter started getting blister-like rashes around her legs; this obviously troubled Christy. A few deductions and trial and error runs with different brands, Christy and Geoff realized that their daughter was one of the 25% of kids who are allergic to polyester. “That was when I decided that we needed to create a diaper that used organic fabric, was suitable for skinny babies, and was made here in the USA,” Christy explains, “We source all of our raw materials (except the hemp) from US companies and we are committed to manufacturing here in the United States! We have seen firsthand the impact small business have on communities.  Our commitment to produce and source here in the US is creating and sustaining jobs across the country.”

Smart Bottoms, a company that strives for excellence by producing “products that are truly unique and ingenious.” Take a look at their shop and you’ll find much more than cloth diapers, you’ll find a lifestyle, a culture of living organically and sustaining the American economy.

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