I ran to Target to pick up two things tonight before I had to race to church for my fiction book club. Upon stepping into our house, I come to find Ben holding Brennan out from himself with his khakis rolled up to his knees and his socks off. Chula is outside barking and whining fiercely trying to get back in. Ben looks at me and says, “There is poop everywhere, Bert!” I looked around my kitchen floor and there really was poop everywhere! He told me he had no clue Brennan had actually pooped or that it was getting out of his diaper (which I might add is one of the first times that’s happened with our BumGenius 3.0’s) until he noticed Chula following Brennan around licking his legs!!! SICK RICK!
The smell was horrendous and not only did he need a bath but Ben had to change clothes and I’ve washed our kitchen floor twice trying to get the poop to disappear. As my British cousin Philip would say, it was a STS (**** to the shoulders) experience. YUCK.

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