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How to Throw an Elsa Birthday Party

My oldest daughter, Pippy, like most little girls is obsessed with Disney’s Frozen and all things Elsa. Who cares about Anna, right? She’s young and has no powers. Plus, look at her crummy, boring dress. Where are the sparkles? The glitter? Nowhere that’s where. If you’re living under a rock Elsa and have no idea who this Elsa character is , she’s the “it” girl to most three and four year old girls. If you’re sick of the Elsa train I hate to break it to you: There’s a Frozen 2 coming out so our favorite Disney sisters aren’t going anywhere too soon. Don’t worry though, I’ve got you covered. This summer we had an Elsa themed birthday for my four-year-old. That’s right, not Anna, only Elsa.

How to throw an Elsa themed party for a 4 year old

Seeing Actually Elsa for the first time.

For our party I had the opportunity to hire Actually Elsa, a local Twin Cities mother, whose name is actually Elsa and get this: She looks a lot like the Disney star! I had heard about Elsa from a few friends of mine who had seen her play the part of Elsa at a local church’s Christmas Eve service. (Go figure, I wasn’t there so I have no idea how Frozen was woven into Christmas, I guess Disney characters need Jesus too.) From that performance, Elsa said she continued to get requests from parents asking if she would consider dressing up like Elsa and attending their child’s event. I reached out to Elsa in hopes she’d be up for the task of attending this very special little girl’s party and she was all over it.

How to throw an Elsa inspired birthday party

What struck me most about Elsa was how sincerely genuine she was and how well she stayed in character. She played with all of the girls who were invited to Pippy’s party; singing and dancing to the soundtrack, making Elsa crowns, and painting each girl’s nails.

How to have an Elsa themed birthday party

She even made sure to make Pippy’s lunch plate. The most heartwarming part of the day was watching Pippy interact with her. She was smitten with her. She truly believe that this was the real live Elsa in her house. It was also so sweet to watch the other little girls who attended the party see Elsa; all of sudden these very brave three and four-year-old girls were starstruck. Elsa was so humble and understood how surprising she is to most children. She has a heart for kids and for serving them. She was worth the investment.

Frozen birthday party with characters

Since Elsa was our “entertainment” for the party we went simple with food:

Naturally, we had to use carrots for Olaf Noses!


Carrots become Olaf Noses for Elsa Birthday Party

Sandwiches for lunch because….wait for it…”we finish each other’s sandwiches.”

We Finish Each Others Sandwiches for Lunch

“Elsa’s Candy” which are fresh blueberries with berry Jello powder sprinkled on top of them. I found the idea from The Food Charlatan (click on the link and it will take you right to her blog post with the recipe) and she was right, they are so good! They are also incredibly easy to create.

Elsas Frozen Blueberry Candy for Frozen Birthday Party

That was it for the food. We had store bought ice cream cake because it was frozen, duh! Finally, for the party favors I wanted to do something that the kids could actually use after the party. Thankfully Target’s dollar section is never short on Frozen doodads and I was able to find these adorable plastic milk bottles with Anna & Elsa. Inside the bottles I put Annie’s Snickerdoodle Bunnies and I purchased the patriotic M & M’s that come out close to the Fourth of July. (My daughter’s birthday is in June so it’s easy to do this.) I mixed the Bunnies and M&M’s together and voila! You’ve got Sven’s Favorite Treats.

Sven's Treats for Frozen Inspired Birthday Party

That’s it! Simple and pretty easy to pull off. That’s my kind of party. There is so much that you can do with the Frozen theme. It’s timeless.

Have you thrown a Frozen birthday yet for your kiddo?

How to throw an Elsa inspired birthday party for your child

Do you want to get in touch with Actually Elsa? Here are her details:





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