Well, I’m back. It’s been an incredibly LONG time since I last posted but summer always proves to be an incredibly busy time. I always find summer to be disappointing. I imagine it being relaxing, filled with adventure, lazy days, warmth…I could go on and on. Instead the more aged I become the more summer brings chaos, horrendously filled schedules, humidity (although Minnesota is NOTHING compared to Biloxi – the humidity there will literally take your breath away) – it’s anything but relaxing. We had lunch with our friends from college today and we were discussing how busy the summer is. Our friend made a very good point that I hadn’t considered before – he said that because we live in Minnesota it is like we see the summer come and bam! We’re soaking in every ounce we can of sun and heat before winter lurks back into our lives. I hadn’t thought of it that way but it is quite true.
Life has been more than crazy for us. In a way that is good and it’s very lovely to be able to say that. We’ve been able to visit with family quite a bit this summer both in having people come to us and us venturing out to the East Coast. (The picture is from our short visit to Maine.) I think you never realize how precious your family is until you’re separated by distance after being with them. As Mary Schmidt says, “Be nice to your siblings, they are the best link to your past and the people most likely to stick with you in the future.” So true, so true.
Brennan’s on the move – crawling mind you, we’re not walking yet! (YET being the key word there.) He is incredibly fast and it’s becoming apparent that he might have inherited the Anderson athletic gene. He’s at such a fun age too. I am amazed every day by how much I love this little boy.
I’m back in the saddle again – blogging and swimming! More on my revelations of being back in the pool at another time. TTFN!

Bert Anderson is a blogger and social media manager mom of three living outside of the Twin Cities in Minnesota. She’s the author behind the blog First Time Mom, where she honestly chronicles the peaks and valleys of parenting. Even though she has more than one child, Bert maintains that whether you have one child or 19, there’s a first time for everything. She’s a lover of coffee, conversations, pop culture, healthy living and fitness.