Thirsties New Arrivals Giveaway

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If you’ve been following First Time Mom (FTM) recently you know that July 2015 has been all about new arrivals. After an exciting delivery, my Little Girl arrived at 2:01am on July 8th… stay tuned for her birth story. Thirsties, one of FTM’s favorite cloth diaper brands, has new product arrivals to celebrate this July.

Back in January Thirsties released their newborn All-in-One (AIO). The Thirsties newborn AIO is one of my go-to diapers for Little Girl. It fits her tiny 6 pound frame like a charm, leaving plenty of room for her umbilical cord to heal. Originally available only in snaps, Thirsties newborn AIO is now available with hook & loop closures. Daddies and grandparents alike tend to prefer diapers with hook & loop closures. While the hook & loop newborn AIO does not have an umbilical cord snap down, the hook & loop closures make for fast and convenient diaper changes. This newborn AIO retails for $15.50 and is designed with the needs and comfort of a new baby in mind, with an adjustable rise that provides a custom fit for babies (5-14 lbs).

Thirsties Newborn available in Hook & Loop

The Thirsties Diaper Cover line has some new additions as well, a Newborn/Preemie size hook & loop cover and the Thirsties original cover will now be available in snaps. The newborn/preemie hook & loop cover retails for $12.00 with fits infants 4-10 lbs. It has an umbilical cord cutout. I’m especially excited about this product release because it the perfect compliment to using newborn prefolds. While my Thirsties XS cover works fine with our prefolds I do have a lot of extra material to manage. A newborn/preemie cover would be the perfect solution. In addition to the NEW Newborn size, the cover also comes in XS, S, M, L in both hook & loop and snap closures. The newborn and x-small sizes feature the 1′ wide hook & loop versus the 1 1/2′ used on the small, medium and large sizes.

Thirsties newborn/preemie diaper cover

Finally Thirsties introduced a lovely new color, “poppy” to their line. This warm shade of pink is the perfect option if you’re looking for something outside the pastel or hot pink pallet. Products available in poppy include: One Size All In One, One Size Pocket, Duo Wrap and Pail Liner lines.

Thirsties New Color Poppy

Thirsties wants to share these great new products with First Time Mom readers with a great giveaway. The winner will receive 1 newborn AIO hook and loop, 1 snap poppy Duo Wrap, and 1 newborn/preemie diaper cover. Simply fill out the giveaway form below for your chance to win.

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