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I’m thrilled to introduce you more of our wonderful Sweet Pea prizes. If you missed it be sure to check my review of Sweet Pea’s newborn aio and wet bag. In this review we’ll look at Sweet Pea’s newborn cover, newborn prefold, bamboo insert, and a muslin bamboo swaddle blanket from Sweet Pea’s sister brand, Mariposah.

Sweet Pea Newborn Cover is designed to fit babies 5-12lbs. Like the Newborn AIO it has a hook and loop closure, two rise settings, and comes in a variety of adorable prints and colors. The cover has double legs gussets and retails starting at $9.95.sweet pea newborn cover

Sweet Pea Newborn Premium Prefold is made of 100% Indian cotton and fits 6-18 lbs. Available at a variety of retailers starting at $2.75. This along with the Sweet Pea Newborn Cover is a very economical way to cloth diaper a newborn.

sweet pea newborn diaper coverMy Take: Covers and prefolds are my favorite cloth diapering combo for newborns because it is so affordable and you can achieve a tiny custom fit. The Sweet Pea Newborn Cover’s double leg gussets contains even the runniest of newborn poos. I love the convenient hook & loop closure and this “Sheep” print is one of my favorites. Compared to other newborn covers the Sweet Pea Newborn Cover seems to have a narrow crotch area and doesn’t have excess material. This makes it easy to get a good fit on a small newborn. The Sweet Pea Newborn Prefold is super soft and absorbent. Being a natural fiber, the prefold shrinks during the prepping process and its performance improves with use.

The Sweet Pea cover / prefold combo is small enough to clear a tiny newborn’s cord stump. Once my daughter weighed over 8lbs it was a challenge for me to fully enclose a full-coverage fold, like my go-to jelly roll fold for newborns, with the cover. That said, I’m certainly not the best prefold folder so my folds tend to be bulky.

sweet pea newborn cover The Sweet Pea Newborn Cover and Prefold is perfect when using a trifold or when using a full-coverage fold on a little newborn.

sweet pea bamboo insertSweet Pea Bamboo Insert is made of a 70% bamboo & 30% cotton blend and is 5.5 x 13 inches. This super soft, trim, and absorbent insert is available at a variety of retailers for $4.99-7.99

My take: The Sweet Pea Bamboo Inserts’ softness and absorbency make it a natural addition to a night time diaper. It also pairs beautifully with Sweet Pea Newborn Cover and Prefold for when baby starts to sleep for longer stretches. I also like to use it in my two year old son’s diapers because it adds absorbency without adding extra bulk.

Mariposah Muslin Bamboo Swaddle came onto the market just this summer. Mariposah is Sweet Pea’s sister brand and they special in natural products. The muslin bamboo swaddle is 50% rayon viscose from bambo and 50% certified organic cotton. It comes in Sweet Pea three adorable characters: sheep, fox, and owl. It is available at a variety of retailers for $15.50-17.00.

mariposah muslin bamboo swaddleMy Take: Swaddle blankets are one of my newborn must-haves because they are so versatile and Mariposah’s Muslin Bamboo Swaddle is no exception. It is light weight and very soft. I love the blanket’s adorable print that compliments Sweet Pea’s “sheep” print. When compared to other swaddle blankets on the market, the Mariposah Muslin Bamboo Swaddle is larger and a bit more durable. This enhances its versatility. I keep my Mariposah’s Muslin Bamboo Swaddle in my little girl’s carseat. It’s a great as a carseat cover, nursing cover, portable play mat, or simply to add another layer of warmth for my baby while we’re on the go.

Both Sweet Pea and Mariposah take pride in making quality products for little ones and the eco-conscience family. One lucky First Time Mom will win a prize bundle including: a Sweet Pea Newborn AIO, wet bag, cover, prefold, bamboo insert, and a Mariposah Bamboo Muslin Swaddle. For your chance to win simply enter the giveaway form below. Thanks for reading and good luck!

Sweet Pea Diaper Review

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