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I’m not going to lie to you: I am terrified of raising two girls in today’s culture. It was hard enough to be in middle school in the mid to late 90’s but we didn’t have any social media to contend with. I remember the Internet becoming a “thing” when I was in sixth grade for goodness sakes. I’m serious; a girl I swam with said at swim practice, “Oh my gosh have you heard about this thing called the Internet? My dad says you can talk to people all over the world.” I was 12-years-old at the time and just beginning to get over that awkward puberty phase. (Yes, I was an early bloomer and my period came about three weeks after my tenth birthday.) The Internet is a scary place but thankfully Dove is on a mission to teach young girls that their words mean something with their #SpeakBeautiful campaign available at Target.

My daughter, niece and I attended a #SpeakBeautiful event Dove hosted with the Minnesota Lynx. I was really impressed with the workshop that we attended right before the Lynx basketball game. The emcee they had was one of their #SpeakBeautiful ambassadors; she was full of life and radiated positive energy. I think my girls may have been the youngest in attendance but they still had a good time coloring, putting on stickers and I was so encouraged to see how the organizers of the event were educating us in the different kinds of influence out there. With 52% of girls thinking that the negativity they see online damages their confidence it’s important that we do our part in building up the young women around us.*

Right now, head on into my favorite store and yours, Target, and purchase any three of your favorite Dove products to receive a free reminder bracelet. Then whenever you typing, texting, Instagramming, snapping, you name it, you can look down and see the positive effect you can have on the social media world around you. Dove’s goal is to reach 20 million girls by 2020; do your part by choosing Dove. Want a chance to win the #SpeakBeautiful bracelet? Retweet the below tweet and mention #SpeakBeautiful as well as me, @FirstTimeMomMN to be entered.

**2016 Dove Study, learn more on Dove.com/Selfesteem
Post sponsored by Mirum Shopper but all opinions are my own.

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