In the next month we will celebrate two birthdays: my youngest, Keira, turns one in May and my middle little, Kendall, turns four in June. We have so many toys that I do not know what to do with all of them! That’s why, despite the cost, Sparkbox Toys is probably not a bad gift idea for the family who is feeling inundated with an overflow of toys. From their site,

SPARKBOX Toys is a curated educational toy subscription service. It brings personalized / age-appropriate learning toys to children. With a simple monthly membership, parents will receive high-quality learning toys selected by experts and tailored to a child’s developmental needs. When you are done with the toys, you simply send them back for more…so no clutter or waste!

Think of it as Netflix for toys: You pay for the monthly subscription, receive four toys and then when you’re finished with the toys, you send it back. If you absolutely fall in love with one of the four toys (or more for that matter) then you simply purchase the toy from Sparkbox at a discounted price.

A few things make this subscription service different than other monthly box subscription services:

  • Helps foster creativity and a learning environment designed specifically for your child,

Curriculum Working with a team of development experts, we have broken down the developmental skill sets appropriate for every age (0-4) and translated them to toys so every SPARKBOX can be tailored to each child’s age, learning type, skill sets. We aim to foster a well-rounded education curriculum by infusing each SPARKBOX across diverse skills, varying engagement levels and activity categories. Our skills are broken into Motor, Social/Emotional, Linguistic and Cognitive categories. Our learning types include: Audial, Visual and Kinesthetic. Each box builds on the skills that were exercised in the previous. The more feedback you give us, the more we can personalize your child’s learning curriculum!

  • It’s green. Because you return the toys at the end of the month you create less waste and hassle for yourself when dealing with toy clutter. Gone are the days of secretly tossing out broken or unwanted toys; now you can let Sparkbox do that for you! Only, they’ll simply pass on the toys to another children so the learning and fun continues.
  • What about germs? I know. I thought the same thing when I first heard about this returning toys business. On their FAQ’s, however, Sparkbox promises that each toy goes through a five-step cleaning process that includes surface cleaning, sterilization, disinfecting, inspection and vacuum sealing.

Want to try it out? Check out their website for more information and pricing options.


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