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#LoveHandmade Feature: GNMBoutique

I’m not a professional photographer by any means. I have a friends who are and I know people who aspire to be photographers. Me? Not a photographer, however, using GNMBoutique’s props makes me want to be one! What I love about GNMBoutique is the Shabby Chic style...

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#LoveHandmade Feature: Summer Flower Clips

My daughter is beautiful. I mean every mother thinks her child is beautiful but really mine is. (Yours too, right?) Even though Lady Bug is the most beautiful little girl it’s taken a while for her cute hair to come in. Apparently, I didn’t have hair until I was two...

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1st Time Mommy ! Created by Laurie Review

Laurie, the fabulous woman behind the Etsy store, Created by Laurie, contacted me about possibly doing a review and giveaway. In love with pretty much everything Etsy I took a look at her store and was instantly attracted to her flower pillows. I have a bit of a...

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Lady Bug’s First Tooth!

My son cut his first tooth when he was eight months old. My daughter, Lady Bug, hit eight months and what I thought were teething symptoms turned out to be our first ear infection. Ever. Yikes. It was a horrendous experience. Eight months came and went. Nine months...

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