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A friend of mine and her family were over for dinner a few weeks ago. During our conversation she and I were lamenting over how we loved the convenience of food pouches but hated the potential mess they can create when left unsupervised. Especially since I had my third child, whom we affectionately call Missy LooHoo, I am amazed by how busy I am. Gone are the days of actually being able to get dinner on the table and spoon-feed my baby a nutritious meal. Food pouches have been a saving grace both for my sanity and for her growing body! The mess they create, however, has been yet another headache. That is until the invention of an ingenious little product called The Pouch Pal.

If you’ve followed First Time Mom on Facebook or Instagram you may have seen this video of my baby, Missy, using the Pouch Pal.


I love the Pouch Pal. It’s easy for me to use and for my baby to use, plus I don’t have to monitor her little hands so they don’t squeeze everything out of her food pouch.

From Pouch Pal’s own literature,

Pouch Pal is the first invention from Jennifer Fellin, a Seattle native who has called Manhattan Beach, CA home since 2009. Jennifer and her husband Tim have two adorable daughters, Sydney and Sienna. Jennifer loves to feed the girls from food pouches because of their portability and convenience, but found herself cleaning baby food off of the car seat, carpet, and clothes, because squeezing the pouches was just too darn fun for her little angels.

Then Jennifer got an idea. What if there was a case that allowed kids to eat the food without squeezing the pouch? Made of rigid plastic and pinch and push technology, Pouch Pal ensures that food that would have previously ended up all over the car, carpet, or clothing, gets where it belongs – in babies’ tummies.

And so Pouch Pal was born! Why I didn’t think of this, is beyond me, because it could’ve prevented tons of food pouch headaches from those sweet potatoes smeared all over the car seat to pureed broccoli, apple and spinach drenched in her hair. Jennifer is so smart and for that we salute her!

Here’s how the Pouch Pal works:

Mark my words, once the masses get a hold of this product, you’re going to wish you had been in on it from the beginning. You can order your Pouch Pal today.

Here’s how you can be in the know:

Twitter: @pouchpal

And now’s your chance to win a Pouch Pal of your own! Simply fill out the Giveaway Tools form below to enter. Good luck! Congrats to Kristina D.! She’s the winner of our Pouch Pal Giveaway!


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