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Exciting Fluffy Event in January!

I have exciting news for any of you cloth diapering mamas out there.  This January I'll be participating in a fun cloth diapering event hosted by Obsessions of the Trophy Wife!  It's called the Newborn Cloth Diaper Celebration and there are some really awesome cloth...

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F(irst) T(ime) : The Juggling Act

I wrote this post for the Squishy Tushy blog about my feelings on being a first time mom of two...Enjoy! As I write this I have been juggling between both Buggie (my son), Lady Bug (my daughter), and my dog, Chula for the entire day. Man, I thought that being a first...

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Knickernappies: Before I was a Mom

I wrote this blog post for my writing gig, but it was so heavy on my heart that I had to share it with you all.  To see the original post go to the Knickernappies blog.Before I was a mom I vowed that I would never allow my children out of the house with mismatched...

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Pink Eye. Bleh.

Remember when you took birthing classes to prepare for your first delivery and the teacher said, "You'll definitely know when you're in labor?"  Well, the same applies to pink eye.  Trust me, you'll know when it's pink eye. On Thursday morning Lady Bug woke up with a...

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The Last Decade

I turned 29 years old on Tuesday at approximately 10:38am.  Looking back I've had a pretty great decade in my 20s.  Here's a little walk down memory lane...In 2001, I left southern Jersey and went to Bethel University in the Twin Cities. There I met, Ben, who would...

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Guest Post on Knickernappies Blog: BALTIC AMBER!!!

I'm getting ready to buy Lady Bug a Baltic amber teething necklace so in the spirit of that I thought I'd write down my experience with Baltic amber and Buggie.  Here's a tiny excerpt, you'll have to go to Knickernappies for the rest of it...I dare you to try it if...

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Flat Head Syndrome: What is it?

  They come in bright colors, designs, and they even make decals for them to dress them up.  I have to admit that I always felt so sad for the parents and kids who had to wear these helmets.  The reason why I felt sad was b/c I simply did not understand what they were...

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First Time Fridays: Object up the Nose

I'm starting a little segment on here called First Time Fridays.  There's a first time for everything!It was bound to happen.  That thing that nearly every child does once in their short existence.  That's right, Buggie, picked pieces off of a Nerf football and...

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Potty Training: Two Steps Forward

 …and one step back.  Week after week that’s what it’s been at the FTM house.  We’re in full potty training mode with our boy, Buggie.  It wasn’t my decision at all.  I had been advised by my mommy friends to not push him into it so I didn’t.  I was actually planning...

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