I had the privilege of writing an article today for the Thirsties’ blog series, Written for Mama Monday, and I decided to write about something I’m fairly passionate about. It’s not something that I often get on my soap box over because I like to live in harmony with everyone. That being said…I’ll bring this up once, okay maybe more than once, but I’ll blatantly bring it up now.

I have a lot of friends who buy all organic, drink raw milk, only shop at Whole Foods, etc. and yet they put their children in disposable diapers. Not “safe” disposables either; I’m talking about the name brand diapers that have been used for years. It’s confusing to me that one can be so diligent about the food that they’re putting into their body but so careless about the products that are coming in contact with their skin.

To read more about it, check out the Thirsties’ blog to find the original post. Look into the products you’re putting on your skin, they may be doing more damage than good. (Click here for blog post.)

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