First Time Mom's Must Haves. Nesting Days and Jennifer Jane. Review

All roads are paved with the best intentions and the same is true when you’re a blogger planning a huge event! Back in the winter, while I was pregnant with our third child, I decided I wanted to plan an event featuring the products that I would recommend to a first time mom. Think of it as an “I’ve been there and done that” list of products you should put on your registry or at least ask for when people ask you what you’d like for a baby gift. Yes, I really wanted for this post to have been written, oh about three months ago, but life with three kiddos is a little…what’s the word…chaotic! The way I look at it though is that I’ve had ample time to give you the full scoop on the products.

Nesting Days Newborn CarrierNesting Days Carrier Review. First Time Mom

When Keira was a newborn the Nesting Days carrier was my standby, go-to carrier. Yes, over the Moby Wrap or any ring sling out there. Why? Because as a mom to three kids I just didn’t have the time to watch YouTube videos or read lengthy instructions. I mean the Moby is a great wrap and I used it with my two older kids when they were babies. It’s just time consuming and when you have a screaming six week old and you’re a first time mom you just can’t seem to get that thing on fast enough.

The Nesting Days carrier isn’t like that at all. Created by a doula, Nesting Days is designed to increase that mother-baby bonding time as well as also aid in ease and comfort. The carrier can be worn like a shirt which makes that skin-to-skin contact that’s so important in the beginning. From the Nesting Days site, creator Julie Arvan says,

My passion, to change how we welcome babies into the world, began with the births of my two sons. One was whisked away to the nursery right after delivery, and the other was placed at my breast minutes after he was born. Years later, when I became a postpartum doula and the importance of skin-to-skin was in the ‘news’, it was clear to me that what was needed was a way for babies and mothers to start out life connected, skin-to-skin and heart-to-heart. The result is Nesting Days — a safe, simple, convenient and even pretty — newborn nest.

Nesting Days went with me everywhere during the first two months. Easily packed up and stored in my diaper bag, a day didn’t go by where I didn’t wear my carrier at least once. At the park, pushing Kendall, my middle child, on the swing and nursing Keira at the same time or sitting on the sidelines during one of Brennan, my oldest son’s, soccer games, the comfort of the Nesting Days carrier made this mama of three a superwoman!! After a month of not using my carrier, I decided to bring it out again for a spin. It was dinner time and you know how that’s the witching hour for all children. It’s like all hell breaks loose right at 4:30pm and it’s just downhill from there until the food’s on the table. Keira wanted to sleep but was just not getting quieted down for that last (silly) early evening nap so I grabbed my Nesting Days carrier.  In she went and the result was beautiful. (By the way, Keira is four months and four weeks old and a little over 13 lbs. and still fits comfortably in the carrier.)

Nesting Days Newborn Carrier. First Time Mom

Plus the benefits of babywearing are amazing, just look at the infographic from Nesting Days below.

bullet-points from Nesting Days

In my experience, the only downfall of the Nesting Days carrier was that it got to be quite hot during the summer when we were outside. That being said, I think this would have been the case with any wrap. Newborns are little heaters and Keira had to have been our hottest little heater out of the three. When you combine the body heat from her with mine, a breastfeeding hormone raging mama, you’ve got quite a hot little pocket! When I was at home I would use my carrier without a shirt to help with this and it did help.

You can purchase the Nesting Days carrier on their website here. It retails for $99 – $120 depending on the fabric that’s used and is available in a Lycra nylon blend as well as an organic cotton and Lycra blend in a variety of subtle colors that would flatter most outfits. Can we talk about how beautiful that teal blue carrier is? To see more about how the carrier works and how you can wear it click here.

Jennifer Jane Nursing CoversJennifer Jane Nursing Cover

I wish that I had had a Jennifer Jane Nursing Cover when I was a very new first time mom. Nursing in public for me was such a challenging task that I eventually gave up and brought a bottle of expressed milk with me whenever I had to leave the house. Using those tiny covers just did not work for me. I felt like I was clumsy when it came to breastfeeding and I had to use a nipple shield for the first 12 weeks with my son. Pair that with having a newborn was wanted to be fed yesterday and you’ve really got a recipe for disaster. Now, if I had the Jennifer Jane cover I think my nursing in public with my firstborn would have been very different.

The cover comes in three different sizes and is made with a performance fabric that breathes easily. The main selling point for the cover is the fact that it covers you from all sides. It’s not a very appealing description but think of it as one of those circular shower curtains that you see in vintage movies; the tubing is very sturdy and doesn’t kink like most nursing cover tubes have a tendency to do and the fabric is large enough to provide full coverage. I mean really, FULL COVERAGE. Do you have to cover yourself when you nurse in public? Technically no you don’t. Some moms are completely comfortable nursing in public and don’t really want to have something covering them or their baby. Other moms are more discreet and want to have good coverage.

The other thing that I like about the Jennifer Jane cover is the fact that I can wear a normal, non-nursing shirt and I don’t have to worry about exposing my back or tummy to the world. I seriously wish I could go back in time to 2008 and have this cover! I say that because I’m not confident in my ability to nurse and nurse in public; plus, honestly, when you have three kids and you’ve breastfed all of them you get to a point where you don’t really care about who sees what.

Here is the description of the cover from Jennifer Jane:

  • Unlike other covers, our design covers your front, back and sides ensuring that no matter where you are sitting, or what you are wearing, you can breastfeed your child, confident that you are fully covered while doing so.
  • Sizing – Our covers come in sizes small, medium or large/extra large.  We recommend choosing a size based on which size of top you would usually wear.
  • Features an attached stow bag to store the cover and other essentials in and fits neatly into a diaper bag.
  • Made from performance fabric that is wrinkle resistant and breathable.  Cool enough for warm temperatures and warm enough to be cozy in cold temperatures.
  • Adjustable neck strap for perfect fit.
  • Tubing doesn’t kink and stands out to provide essential eye to eye contact for bonding between mom and baby along while allowing maximum air circulation.
  • Features a terry cloth square that can be used to mop up any spills.  Gentle enough to use it to wipe baby’s face.

I was also able to review their Travel Blanket Bag which I love! It’s easy to pack up and easily fit out four kiddos on it for a picnic lunch!Jennifer Jane Travel Blanket. First Time Mom

Both products can be purchased on Jennifer Jane. The nursing cover retails for $39.95 and comes in three different colors/patterns. The blanket retails for $39.95 only available in one color.

I’ll have more for you because I’ve recently found a lot of really awesome products that I think first time moms need. Yes, need. Have you tried any of either of these products?

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