#Journey2FatLoss Week 5 & 6 Update with Lifetime Fat Loss Centers of Rogers
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I have partnered with Lifetime Fat Loss Center of Rogers, MN, to bring you this Journey2FatLoss series. All opinions are my own. This post may contain affiliate links.

Where do I even start? As I write this update for you all it is day 40 of 41 in the Fat Loss Phase of Lifetime Fat Loss Centers’ program. It’s amazing how much better I feel 40 days later. It’s unreal to see where I was when I started and where I am now. I’ve been real with you all in that I am now finally under the 200 lbs marker. It feels good to be under that finally and I’m not just talking about the way I look (which is markedly different). When I started having children eight years ago (seriously? Am I really that OLD?) I didn’t ever think I’d tip the scales at 200 lbs much less over that number. Life happens, old habits die hard and emotional eating became a crutch for me and so with each pregnancy the weight continued to pile on like a pile of bricks.

Three Different Pregnancies, 29 weeks each. Comparison shot. Lifetime Fat Loss Centers Update
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  • Pregnancy number 1 resulted in 70 lbs gained.
  • Pregnancy number 2 resulted in 40 lbs gained.
  • Pregnancy number 3 resulted in 30 lbs gained.

Add those numbers to weight loss and it’s no wonder my body just can’t figure out what it should do. Plus, I acquired an entire plethora of bad food choices including, but not limited, to the following: high fructose corn syrup, refined sugar, cereal, chips, coffee creamer, and as little fruit and vegetables as humanly possible.

So where I am at?

Today I have lost a total of 23.4 lbs! Yes, on Day 40 I have lost a total of 23.4 lbs. It’s crazy and honestly it’s not something that every is meant to do. I also wouldn’t suggest trying to do this without consulting Lifetime Fat Loss Centers. They are the professionals after all and this is their program. It works.

And now for the inches lost….Ready?

How many inches have I lost during Lifetime Fat Loss Centers' Fat Loss Phase
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Yikes!!!! It’s crazy to see all of the numbers lined up nicely like that. I’m not done though. So what’s next?

Moving onto the Maintenance Phase with Lifetime Fat Loss Centers

On Sunday I begin the next phase of the program: Maintenance. Now, with this comes one more meal, no supplements to take and I’ll be working out again. I never thought that I’d be excited to be working out again but I honestly am. When I met with Coach Ben this past Wednesday he went over my DNA results with me. Now he didn’t give me the results saying which food I can eat because I’m still maintaining a low-glycemic, low carb, gluten-free diet and he doesn’t want for his clients to be tempted to go gang busters just yet. Remember, it’s only been six weeks since I changed how I eat. I’m not ready to go off of my list of preferred foods, at least not yet.

What he did tell me about my DNA was quite intriguing and I’m excited to tell you all….next week. Yes, that’s right, I’m going to hook you back into reading my week seven blog post by leaving you with a cliffhanger. Hey Hulu’s The Path did in their season finale, I can too.

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Because they’re awesome and really want to help heal America’s obesity epidemic all First Time Mom readers will be receiving a 10% discount at Lifetime Fat Loss Centers. Locations vary. I go to the Rogers, MN location. The time is now.

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