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Laura, First Time Mom contributor and mother of two, is the kind of person who loves learning. She studies whatever topic she is interested in and becomes an expert in the area. Naturally, when she found out she was expecting baby number one she read countless pregnancy books, articles, and blog posts. Because she loves to learn that translated into learning everything she could about having a natural labor and delivery. She took a class, read books, watched documentaries and finally when the time came she delivered baby number one naturally without any help from modern medication. Laura’s also a teacher at heart so she’s shared her knowledge here on First Time Mom. Now you can reference this handy little roundup of all of Laura’s articles on how she prepared for her natural labor and delivery as well as the actual birth stories. It’s true, you are not any less of a mother if you choose to use the help of modern medicine, Bert had the help of an epidural for each one of her three labor and deliveries, but one thing’s for sure if you are wanting to have a natural labor and delivery, you’re going to want to educate yourself on how to prepare for labor and delivery. You’ll want to have a game plan, you’ll want to practice how to handle the pain and you’ll want your partner to be educated as well. Here’s to learning, Mama! You can do it!

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Bert Anderson is a blogger and social media manager mom of three living outside of the Twin Cities in Minnesota. She’s the author behind the blog First Time Mom, where she honestly chronicles the peaks and valleys of parenting. Even though she has more than one child, Bert maintains that whether you have one child or 19, there’s a first time for everything. She’s a lover of coffee, conversations, pop culture, healthy living and fitness.