This is the first of many reviews for the big Third Time’s a Charm event! My inspiration for the event was to share with you the products that I feel, as a third time pregnant mom, are worth your time and money; these are must haves in my opinion. If you’re on the fence about anything, hopefully we’ll cover it in the next coming months and you’ll walk away meeting some pretty amazing companies and their products. I’ll be posting about maternity products before the baby comes and newborn products after the baby arrives. The big giveaway (which is a giveaway hop with quite a few blogs participating) will start on June 23rd. You’ll have the opportunity to win the Maternity Grand Prize Package or the Newborn Grand Prize Package. Keep an eye out on the reviews; you’ll be learning about all of the awesome products you could win!

First up, I had to tell you all about my new favorite maternity product and it’s one that I’m insisting you purchase. Sleep is such an important part of being healthy when you’re not pregnant so you better believe it’s even more important when you are pregnant. The problem for me, however, is that I’m a stomach or back sleeper and both of those are no-can-do’s in the latter part of pregnancy. Plus, with my last two pregnancies I’ve developed carpal tunnel syndrome and it gets aggravated at night when I’m sleeping. For my last two pregnancies I had the Boppy Cuddle Pillow. It did the job, kind of, for my first two pregnancies but I always wondered if there was something out there that was better.

Then my dear friend, Crunchy Shannon, (who happens to be pregnant and due on the same day as me) ordered the Bump Nest pregnancy pillow on the recommendation of one of her friends. Once Shannon received the pillow she did nothing but rave about the amazing sleep she was getting. After listening to her stories of amazing sleep and comparing them to the crappy sleep I had been getting I really wanted to try the Bump Nest out. I had to try one out so I contacted Bump Nest to see if they’d be up for sponsoring Third Time’s.

The day came. My Bump Nest pregnancy pillow arrived and I was so excited I couldn’t wait to go to bed that night. Not only had I been sleeping terribly but I had developed a pretty annoying case of pregnancy carpal tunnel syndrome. The nights leading up to my Bump Nest arriving left me in serious amounts of numbing pain in my hands. I had tried wrist braces but they just weren’t doing the trick; plus they were really uncomfortable to sleep in.

Bedtime came and I unpacked my pillow, read the directions, positioned it just right and cozied myself in. I woke up for the first time at 3am to do my usual bathroom run, returned to bed and fell swiftly back to sleep. The next time I woke up it was morning and time to start the day. You have no idea what a relief this was. Night after night prior to sleeping with the Bump Nest pillow I was awakened several times to adjust myself, re-position my hands, or try to find a more comfortable position for my ever growing belly. With the Bump Nest I haven’t had these sleep interruptions and I couldn’t be happier.


  • Comfortable sleep
  • Back support and belly support – you wouldn’t think that you need the back support but you really do, it made a huge difference in my sleeping comfortably
  • After fluffing the pillow does a good job of maintaining its firmness and shape.
  • Both the pillow case and the pillow are machine washable. You cannot wash the pillow in a top loading washer or a washer that has a central agitator though.
  • The colors and prints are soothing and modern.
  • Their Scraps2Caps program – Every purchase goes to other parts of the world and helps by providing soft infant caps to those babies who have much less than we could ever imagine.
  • No issues with my hands cramping up or waking up to numb hands.
  • 30-Day Guarantee – If you don’t like it, return it after 30 days. I don’t think you’ll be using this though.
  • They have other products to help with annoying pregnancy problems like acid reflux reducers.


  • The size of the pillow is rather large, especially if you have a queen size bed like I do. When my husband saw it, his response was, “Uh do I get to sleep in the bed?” In reality though, any body type of pillow takes up room and a pregnant woman sleeping in the bed takes up room as well.
  • Now that I’m into my third trimester, getting out of the bed is a little difficult because it also means moving the pillow completely out of the way.

This is definitely at the top of my “must have” maternity items. It’s an amazing design and to be honest, I never want to get rid of my pillow! I have to convince my hubby that my Bump Nest pillow is the best thing since hands free pumping devices! Pregnancy is a really long journey and trust me, the farther into it you are the more uncomfortable you’re going to be trying to sleep. Sleep is vital to the human body and now that you’re body’s doing double duty you need all the help you can get when it comes to uninterrupted sleep. Purchase the Bump Nest pillow, you won’t regret it.

Want it? Buy it here!Bump Nest, or at select retailers and now exclusively at Nordstrom’s and A Pea in the Pod Maternity


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