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10 Thoughts from an Almost-Dad

Less than five years ago I was an unmarried man whose biggest responsibility was making it home in time to get in a few group Halo games with my two roommates before it was frozen pizza time. Now, in one month, I’ll be a father. I skipped a few things in there, but it...

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Breastfeeding: Over-Supply Issues

As beautiful and natural as breastfeeding is, it can also be wrought with issues and difficulty. When my daughter, Little Girl, was born I was thrilled to see her take well to nursing. Having breastfed my son till he was 19 months old I felt comfortable and confident...

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Motherhood: Learning to Let Go

This posts contains affiliate links. Should you choose to purchase anything from these links it will not cost you a thing, however, we will receive a small commission. Our families thank you! When I found out that I was expecting my first girl I was over the moon. Do...

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Smart Bottoms Too Smart Review

SmartBottoms has been providing families with quality organic cloth diapers since 2010. For several years Smart Bottoms diapers included newborn and one size All in Ones and prefolds. Adding a new diapering option to their line up, Smart Bottoms proudly introduces the...

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To the Formula-Feeding Mom: An apology

I have breastfed all three of my children. My girls were exclusively breastfed. My son was primarily breastfed, however, due to jaundice and slow weight gain I supplemented with formula for the first six weeks of his life. I have so many friends who have used formula...

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