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Meet Bert, First Time Mom’s Creator

Hi!  My name is Elizabeth but my family calls me “Beth” and my friends and hubby call me “Bert.” Bert?  Yes, Bert as in Bert and Ernie and no, I don’t know where Ernie is.  I’ve had the nickname Bert since I was 10 years old and was going through an initials-as-a-name-are-cool phase (Thank you DJ from Full House!).  I chose the initials B.J. because my mom told me I couldn’t use B.M.  Anyways, after declaring to the world that my new name was B.J., my assistant swim coach thought it was inappropriate (yes, I thank him to this day) and coined the nickname Bert.

I have been married since July of 2005 to my college sweetheart and complete opposite, Ben. Definitely the other and better half of me.  Ben’s a numbers, details and logistics guy – I am not any of those things.  You can bet that anything I’ve posted on this site as recommended has been thoroughly researched and number crunched by my brilliant half.  We often laugh at the mere fact that we’re together and see that as proof that God is active and working in our lives.

We have one 8-year-old son, a six-year-old daughter, and a three-year-old daughter.



Creator of First Time Mom

I’m completely in love with the Lord and am fascinated by how His Word all fits together into this neat little puzzle. You don’t see it at first but it’s there and that’s amazing to me. I grew up as a Military Brat and for that I’m proud. It was not difficult, it’s the only life I’ve ever known – moving every two to three years – and because of the constant change in my childhood I now go a little stir crazy being in the same place. I have lived in the Twin Cities area in Minnesota now longer than I have any other place in my life. I’d love to move though. I’m ready for some change. Alas, my dear opposite has never left the state…I really feel that even though I have three children, I will always be a first time mom – “FTM.”

I like to say that whether you have one child or 20, there is always a first time for everything!If you have any questions or would like for me to look into anything for you, please contact me at ftmalways@gmail.com

Meet Laura

Hi, I’m Laura, Bert’s little sister. I married my college sweetheart and we have a busy toddler boy and a baby girl. I’m a lifelong lover of music, bassoonist, and music educator. Before becoming a stay at home mom, I taught elementary music and band in the Boston area. Now I have a classroom of two and love using music to nurture, entertain, and teach my son and daughter. While I’ve always been health conscious, becoming a mother has made me more aware of what my family consumes and how we take care of ourselves. Bert introduced me to cloth diapers. We’ve used them on my little guy since day one and I love it! Bert also ushered me into the wonderful world of blogging. In addition to contributing to First Time Mom I am also the social media coordinator for the cloth diaper company, Thirsties.

I’m so grateful to navigate the waters of motherhood here on First Time Mom. You can reach me at firsttimemom.laura@gmail.com



First Time Mom Contributor


First Time Mom Contributor, Pregnancy & Newborn

Meet Megan

Hey! I’m Megan and I’ve been married since February 2014 to my incredibly creative hubby, Jacob.  We are the parents to a sweet and spunky little boy and are expecting baby boy #2 very soon! Our little guys will be only 18 months apart which may make us crazy, but that’s what makes life fun, right?! I work professionally in Marketing for a local nonprofit, teach dance during the school year and run a fitness coaching business from home. Our family is passionate about living healthy: We eat a vegetarian diet (and grow most of our food in the summer months), stay physically active and try our very best to make earth conscious decisions when it comes to everything else; yup, we cloth diaper, too! 

Since becoming a mom, it’s been a constant adventure (that I LOVE) and wouldn’t trade it for anything! I feel so blessed to have the opportunity to contribute to First Time Mom and hope to share many stories to come! 

If you’d like for Megan to review a product for you, please contact Bert at ftmalways@gmail.com

Meet Mandi

I’m Mandi. Proud Tater Tot Lovin’, Target obsessed Midwest girl. I have loved babies, children and the idea of being a Mom for as long as I can remember. (I used to pick my babysitting jobs based on which families subscribed to parenting magazines so I’d have some post bed time reading material….at 12). My own parenting journey took its unique path around to the world to the tiny island of New Zealand where I met and fell in love with my husband on a missionary base. A year later we were married and three weeks after that we were pregnant with our now one year old daughter. Having my own baby in my early thirties (amongst a host of crazy complications) changed my perspective on babies, children and parenting in an incredible way. Now I’m even more passionate on natural health, respectful parenting and child development. I attempt to be a Pinterest Mom, but somedays I’m lucky if I can get my babe half dressed and fed “mostly” organic food. When I’m not in full “Mommy Mode” my husband and I are the Regional Directors for SFC; a global Christian snowboarding ministry. I’m excited (albeit surprised) to be expecting my second little one in November of this year.  


If you’d like for Mandi to review a product for you, please contact Bert at ftmalways@gmail.com



First Time Mom Contributor, Pregnancy & Newborn

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