I’m not going to lie: I have been (impatiently) waiting for Disney’s live-action feature film CINDERELLA to come out for some time now. Directed by Kenneth Branagh and starring Oscar-award-winning actress, Cate Blanchett, as the wicked stepmother, this film would make Mr. Disney proud. You can’t miss it and I’ll level with you; you must see it in the theater. With ticket prices being what they are now and since I’m married to an accountant I thought I’d go the logical route and give you the top ten simple reasons why you must see CINDERELLA in a movie theater and not wait for it to be released on Netflix or DVD.

Top Ten Reasons You Need to See CINDERELLA in the Theater:

10. Frozen Fever won’t precede CINDERELLA on any streaming platform. I was surprised by how good Frozen Fever actually was! It’s cute and has a really catchy song (in true Frozen fashion) that is basically the length of the short animated film. While I’m sure you can see Frozen Fever on your own as well as on the DVD release of CINDERELLA it’s such a sweet appetizer before the main event that I think you should see it in the theater.

9. The score is absolutely beautiful. The film’s music composer, Patrick Doyle (who has composed over 45 internationally renowned film scores such as Gosford Park, Harry Potty and the Goblet of Fire, and Sense and Sensibility to name a few), has composed an absolutely gorgeous score that really must been heard on those fancy theater sound systems. Your home theater will not do it justice.

8. Cate Blanchett’s performance deserves the big screen. We all know that the villain in the story Cinderella is evil or “wicked.” We’ve seen the stepmother in the animated film and we know that she’s just cruel but to see her brought to life in live-action is something else. While watching the live-action film, even though you know the stepmother has it out for Cinderella, Blanchett brings this depth to the character that almost humanizes her. Through the narration (done by our favorite Fairy Godmother, Helena Bonham Carter) and her facial expressions, Blanchett shows us the motives behind the stepmother’s hatred for this young girl. If it’s at all possible to understand the wicked stepmother, Blanchett’s done it stupendously.

7. Lily James and Richard Madden are gorgeous. It may seem shallow but seriously both actors are stunning to look at on the theater’s big screen.


6. On the big screen, the costumes literally take your breath away. Three-time Oscar-winning costume designer Sandy Powell (Shakespeare in Love, The Aviator, Gangs of New York) outdid herself with the costumes. Reminiscent of Disney’s original animated feature film from 1950, Powell hit the nail on the head with updated versions from the iconic Disney classic.

Sandy Powell Cinderella Costume Designer Costume Comparison
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Cinderella 2015 Images Courtesy of Disney

5. Um…hello? Glass slippers. Yes, as in real glass slippers you guys. Alright, more like crystal slippers since glass doesn’t really sparkle. Powell designed the shoes and Swarovski made it happen.

4. Get your honey out on a date! The movie is so nostalgic and romantic that it’s really the perfect date night movie. Careful, this film may cause pregnancy.

3. Our mice friends are in the movie!! And it’s not hokey!! Using CGI, Cinderella’s furry friends are delightful to watch and children are sure to appreciate the humor the animals bring to the film. One of the more memorable scenes from the feature film is when the pumpkin, mice and the other barnyard inhabitants are transformed for Cinderella’s carriage, horses and footmen. Their human counterparts look surprisingly similar to their animal forms.

2. It was lovely to watch my favorite scenes from the animated film be translated onto the live-action feature. It was truly fascinating to see how director, Kenneth Branagh (Hamlet and Thor) interpreted and brought to life what I remembered seeing in Disney’s animated Cinderella as a child onto the big screen with live-action. The moment you must pay attention to is when Cinderella’s tattered and broken gown is transformed into the ballgown. Everything you remembered from the scene being in the animated film is so beautifully done. In an interview, Branagh said, “It is impossible to think of Cinderella without thinking of Disney and the timeless images we’ve all grown up watching.”

And the number 1 reason you need to see CINDERELLA on the big screen?

The cinematography captured by Haris Zambarloukos; hands down has to be seen on the movie theater screen and not your home television or handheld device. The film is akin to a true masterpiece like the Mona Lisa. Sure, you can see copies of the work in books and even own a print of the famous DaVinci piece, but to truly take in the genius of the artwork you must see the original up close and in person at the Louvre.  I saw the film a week ago and when I think about it, certain scenes stand out in my mind. There’s one scene where Cinderella is trying to beat the clock, running down the palace steps and there’s this wide shot from above. It’s dramatic and shows you just how far Cinderella has had to run to pursue her dream. The opening scenes where we see Cinderella’s childhood are also beautiful as we see the countryside and her home. A TV screen or tablet will not do the film any justice. It’s beautiful to watch unfold and must be done on a 30 to 90 feet wide by 10 to 30 feet tall standard screen.

Now, I’ve had a few friends ask me how old I think their child needs to be to see the film. I really think this has more to do with how long your child can sit still watching a movie than age. I have a six-year-old boy and I think he could sit through the 112 minute film but that might even be pushing it since this isn’t some fast-paced-kid-geared movie. My three-year-old daughter would last for about 30 minutes and even that would be torture for myself and the others trying to watch the film. I know you probably would like nothing more than to bring your daughter to this film, it would be the perfect mommy-daughter or daddy-daughter date, but unless your kid is used to sitting in live-action movies, unless she is used to a slower paced show I’d say you need to wait. Besides, sometimes you deserve a night out to see a good film sans children.

CINDERELLA opened today, March 13th, in theaters. To learn more about the film or to follow along on social media see the links below:

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